City and multi-purpose company cars: 2022 offer

In this segment, the Queen Renault Clio Reversible shows diversity. In the entry balance of the range, there are thus two engines in the program: 3-cylinder. 1.0 Tce with 90 hp / 117 g for €21,500 and the excellent full hybrid E-Tech with 145 hp / 99 g for €23,900. Evolution has six versions cataloged, including 3-sill. 65 hp 1.0 Sce in the atmospheric version for 21600 euros 117 g. 90 hp 1.0 Tce / 117 g costs €22,850. It’s also available with an X-Tronic gearbox, but its CO2 emissions rise to 129 grams and the price rises to €24,450. Still at 1.0 Tce, its LPG version rises to 100 hp, 108 g and 23,350 euros. This Evolution finish is also available for the 145 hp / 99 g E-Tech for €25,250. Finally, the 100 hp/111 g 1.5 Blue dCi diesel costs €24,600. The capacity of the luggage, regardless of the engine, reaches 1069 liters.

In electricity, Renault relies on its own strength Zoe 110 hp, that is, R110 Evolution Reversible for 37,000 euros (in the trunk of 1225 l). Less versatile, the Twingo is also available electrically. But you will have to go through the €800 (990 l) VP / VU kit, a range that starts at €24,050 in the Authentic R110. 3 cylinder. 65 hp 0.9 / 117 g is also in the catalog, 15,750 euros.

208, Corsa and C3

in front of Peugeot align 208 In Premium Business, with the 106g 100hp 1.5 BlueHDi in diesel for €22,200 and the 75hp / 119g PureTech in petrol for €19,080 (406l boot). The 136-horsepower electric e-208 comes in Active Business R trim (reversible) priced at €36,180. Available in the 100 hp / 107 g 1.5 BlueHDi for €25,560 and the 100 hp / 115 g PureTech for €23,640.

in the house of Vauxhallthe Corsa it shares the platform and engines with the 208. The PC/LCV kit is the only solution for this city car at €785 excluding installation and storage (781 l boot). Entry into the series is the 1.2 from 75 hp / 117-121 g, 18,450 euros or 100 hp / 114-116 g, 20,800 euros. The 100bhp/106-108g 1.5 diesel starts at €23,650, while the 136bhp electric Corsa-e starts at €34,400.

The Citroen C3 based on a less universal platform in terms of engines (hybridization, no electric). The range starts with the 83hp/122-123g PureTech and €17,640 Company (2 seats), while the 100hp/117g BlueHDi starts at €20,538. In the Business R (reversible), the 83 hp/123 g PureTech is €21,078 and the 100 hp/117 g BlueHDi is €23,976. The VU kit is still cataloged at €635.73 to assemble in the ‘general public’ VP range. It allows access to PureTech 110 hp, for example, which is not offered in the Company or Business R, asking €21,350 (936 l luggage).

Fiesta and its engines

Ford has significantly revised its engines over the past year. The holiday therefore equipped with 3-cyl. 125 hp 1.0 EcoBoost MHEV at 12 V for €16,745 in Business Trend. We can prefer the 95 hp / 119 g version for €15,895, which loses its hybridization but gains carburation with Superethanol E85. The most traditional 4 cylinder. From 75 hp to 1.1 / 122 g, it opens the price range to 14,670 euros (960 l highway).

For his part, volkswagen thoroughly reviewed the city car Polo, more versatile, always with “clean” engines in the Life Business Reversible. Starting with the CNG 1.0 TGI, 90 hp/100-113 g at €27,280, it’s a rarity on the market. We find these 3 cylinders. 95 hp 1.0 TSI / 119-139 g at 24,640 euros or 26,070 euros with DSG7 automatic gearbox (126-147 g). Finally, the 110 hp / 126-148 g with DSG7 gearbox is available for €26,890. The boot offers 1025 liters (see opposite).

The Skoda Fabia All these engines except CNG are included. 3 cylinder. The 1.0 MPI is €18,070 at 114-124g at 65bhp at the entry to the range. Calculate 17,570 euros / 114-124 g at 80 hp. Going turbo, this 1.0 TSI develops 95 hp / 115-127 g for €20,560 or 110 hp / 126-137 g (and DSG7 box) for €22,210. In any case, the VU kit is 350 euros (1150 l trunk, excluding installation and storage).

on his side, Toyota his bet Yaris 116 hours It is still available in the Business version (947 l boot), based on the Dynamic Business finish. Plus the Beyond Zero Academy hybrid driving course. Its power reaches 116 hp / 87-89 g, 24,736 euros.

Panda and 500 at Fiat

fiat matching the wider offering with the Panda and thermal 500, both powered by a micro-hybrid engine. The the panda Equipped with a Gruau kit billed at €803.70 or €790 at Novetud. It will be fitted to the 70 hp / 115-118 g 1.0 MHEV for €12,990 (870 l boot). For 500, Oatmeal set €934.50 and Novetud €870 (550 l). This 500 takes the 70 hp 1.0 MHEV / 107-120 g for 16,190 euros.

There are also Koreans, for hyundaismall i10 €12,640 with a 109g/67hp kit requiring €625 (1050l trunk). The most versatile i20 1.2 84 hp starts at 18,100 euros, 658 euros for a kit (1,042 l). in the house of Kiathe Picanto The 67bhp / 115-118g 1.0 DPi petrol costs €12,590, plus €802 kit (1,010l). The Rio It starts at €16,090 with the 4-cylinder. 1.2 DPI 84 hp / 124-126 g, kit 840 euros (1103 l).

Minithe only premium manufacturer in this segment, supplies Hatch VP/VU kit for €1,200. Prices start at €24,900 for the 3-door 1.5 petrol with 136 hp / 124-138 g (731 l boot). Estimate €25,800 / 135-139 g (941 l) at 136 hp in 5 doors. The Cooper SE A 184-horsepower electric can carry this set for €33,900 (731 l).

Suzuki Swift
Suzuki has always sold a full range of LCV kits. So the Swift places the VU kit at €505 (947 l), €16,290 with the 114 g 1.2 Dualjet MHEV with 83 hp at 12 V.

The Japanese suggest

Japanese manufacturers cannot be neglected, even if the limited distribution in this segment of city cars does not give them a real visibility. However, Suzuki has always sold a full range of LCV kits. Little Ignis Recently, the 83 hp 1.2 Dualjet MHEV / 110-112 g became eligible for €15,390, plus €490 for the kit (1,097 l trunk). The Quick16,290 euros with this 1.2 Dualjet MHEV with 83 hp at 12 V, places the VU kit for 505 euros (947 l).

Mitsubishi Don’t forget the benefits with the VP/LCV kit for your city car for €550 (1235 l trunk) cosmic star equipped with a minivan-like, 71 hp 1.2 Mivec / 112 g, €13,890. Other Japanese, Honda claims to be Jazz full hybrid FHEV including 1.5 i-MMD 109 hp/102 g peak €23,000, with PC/LCV kit €820 (1205 l).

City car Nissan Micra It is based on the previous generation Clio and its performance is still suitable for professionals. The entrance to the range opens with a 3-sill. 0.9 / 121 g from 92 hp for 20,090 euros; To these are added €687 for the Gruau kit or €842.35 for the Jocquin kit (1004 liters of luggage).

Finally, Mazda reached a deal with Toyota to offer the Yaris, a small hybrid that was missing. This Mazda2 Hybrid with 116 hp / 87-92 g 1.5 FHEV costs 22,500 euros. But unlike the Yaris Business, the VP/VU kit costs 1,000 euros (935 l of luggage). The same price for the most classic Mazda2 gasoline kit is 19,700 euros, with the 1.5 SkyActiv M-Hybrid 90 hp / 107 g (887 l).

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