Can we rent a car without a deposit?

Do you like challenges? The running games ? Because if you look at the situation from a certain angle, renting a car without a deposit can be like that ? Whether you rent a vehicle for a one-way trip or including a return square, whatever type of rental you choose. In a traditional agency or person-to-person rental platform, a deposit is usually mandatory. In itself, there is nothing abnormal about the value of the property entrusted to you. Nevertheless, the amount required is significant; and if, like many people, you have a debit card rather than a credit card, the funds must be available in your account and blocked for the duration of the lease. Is it possible to prevent it? Several solutions available in the car rental market are detailed in this article.

Quick reminder: what is the deposit for?

Officially called a “security deposit”, the deposit is intended to cover costs related to damages, contractual penalties (delay, fuel, etc.) or fines that may occur during the rental. Its amount is freely determined by the rental company according to the category and insurance taken out, as well as the age of the driver (those under 25 or 26 will often pay more). If there is nothing to report during the return of the car, if there is no dispute, the amount blocked by your credit card is released as soon as possible.

How to rent a car without a deposit?

1. By removing the extra cover

The deposit can sometimes be reduced or even waived by the insurance offered by the rental company, although this is very rare in France. At the time of this writing, we’ve only found Goldcar to offer these options, and the company only operates from a handful of airports in the area. It will cost from 50 euros for one day to 174 euros for 1 week and 250 euros for 2 to be completely exempt from the deposit in this rental company. For a short period of time, the calculation for an eco-category car is done quickly. , the expected budget is no longer what it used to be! And unlike the deposit, this amount is non-refundable.

It is somewhat easier to find guarantee offers that allow you to avoid paying the deposit and the deductible abroad, especially in southern European countries. Such is the case with Centauro or Record Go. Still, the price is far from anecdotal, as it can double the rental price in a week.

Note that if a deposit remains unavoidable on a site between individuals such as Getaround, they can be reduced by a third or half by subscribing to the Protection Plus or Protection Premium guarantees (for around €20 each) when offered. day!).

2. By finding a rental company… that pays your deposit

The concept of no-deposit car rental is slowly but surely developing in response to the problems of many Europeans who mainly use debit cards rather than credit cards. This allows them to rent without blocking a large amount in their account that they might otherwise need. Moreover, based on the simulation we conducted on the website of two agencies, one of which implements this system, there is no significant difference in the prices shown. So where’s the catch? Unfortunately, it’s happening abroad again!

The operation is simple. The rental company acts as your guarantor in case of damage or theft and pays the deposit on your behalf. In a sense, he becomes a broker for the local company. For example, Sunny Cars offers this service on certain models and in certain specific destinations and pick-up locations (Balearic and Canary Islands, Portugal, Crete and Croatian airports). You can make a reservation up to 5 days before the start of the rental, but you must fill out the online form within the allotted time to be able to have the car at the agency. Upon return to the local supplier, you undertake to pay Sunny Cars if the reasons justify partial or full withdrawal of the deposit.

Cherry on the cake. For those who don’t usually have a bank card, this same rental company is one of the few that sometimes offers a cash deposit option. This is clearly visible on the sheet of the respective vehicle.

peer-to-peer car rental

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