BASKETBALL: Make way for the Amiens – Longueau derby

After two good performances, the ASCBB is finally done and among the ESCLAMS who want to apply themselves to stay at the top of the NM3 classification, this Saturday evening is a symbolic shock for the local supremacy played in La. Hotie.

“We treat this match like any other match” Frederic Domon says. Despite the expectations that this first game derby can create, the ASCBB coach in Amiens takes a simple view of this match. : “We have the will to go for the win and try to reproduce or at least reproduce what we have seen in the last two days. »

A simple look, but not completely inappropriate. Indeed, only with 3 wins in 10 matches, the population of Amiens experienced a delay in ignition. In particular, the delay is explained by numerous injuries. But The arrival of Jalen Jaspers revitalized the team, because despite the loss against ASCBB Dourges in two games, he showed a face that pleased his coach. Frédéric Domon can also be satisfied The return of Emilien Boinet, Maxence Goubet and Giorgio ApriloEven if the technician is cautious, all three are out due to injuries during recent trips: “They certainly won’t be in the best physical condition. »

Good test for us

Frédéric Domon, Amiens SCBB coach

Despite many reasons for hope, the Amiens coach is measured because he knows it “I will play a team of players who are used to playing at this level, or even above. » ASCBB should be especially vigilant in the internal sector of ESCLAMS: “They have a good American infielder who plays the center of the team. »

Amiens will therefore have to find solutions contains the American Tolliver in the missileespecially if not a weak point, ASCBB’s inner circle has been lacking in rotation since the news of Salmane Dicko’s absence.
Therefore, this will be a derby “A good test for us, finally the team is complete” Frederic Domon says. It remains to be seen who will emerge victorious in what promises to be an opposition of styles between Longacoissiens, who rely on inside play, and Amiens, who tend to bet on their foreign players.

At Amiens, Deparis Maxime

Lovely length

After several seasons in NM2, Longueuil found the low level and at the same time the best “enemy” Amiens. If the goals of the two teams are too different, the derby switches cards and remains a separate match. Even if this concept of derby takes place especially in the stands and on the bench. Except, indeed, on the Longacoissian side Thomas SinocketIn La Hotoie, a former darling of the ASCBB, the other players are not from the region and therefore this rivalry is not rooted in them.

A game within a game among Americans

basketball esclams beuvrages gazettessports kevin devigne (62)

On the Amiens side, this notion is a little more present among some players, but remains very light. The victory will above all please the public, who will be present from both sides at the Amiens venue in La Hotoie, which promises great entertainment. Indeed, there is no special animosity between the two clubs, if there is a rivalry.

For their part, ESCLAMS, who have been disappointed in the cup, will be looking to confirm their last major success at home. drinks. Without a doubt, their captain Jouvin, deprived of the players Green Team considering the start of the season, there will still be favorites. But be careful not to take Amiens lightly, who are currently relegated but have been better in a few games thanks to the arrival of recruits and the return of injuries. Amiens will inevitably be looking to confirm their regained form with a home win and what better way to start the season than a derby. A match that will offer a good US duel between Amiens Jalen Jaspers on the one hand and Longacoissien Darreon Tolliver else. Coming into this season, the two Americans have been playing the centerpiece for their teams week after week.

Longue, Aurelien Finet

NM3, day 11
Saturday 3 December, 20:00, Gymnasium La Hotoie, Amiens: Amiens SCBB (12, 13 points)ESC Longueau AMS (5th, 16 points)

Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports
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