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Prospective graduates, looking for a school where you can explore and develop your creativity? Do you like animated worlds and new technology? So become an Image Artist at Ecole Georges Méliès! Located in the heart of Parc Georges Méliès, 20 minutes from Paris, the School has been training professionals in animation, video games and special effects for over 23 years. You too can share in the legacy of Georges Méliès and become pioneers of your trade!

what is image maker?

An image master is someone who is able to understand the entire production chain of an image, whether animated or not. From the conception of an idea to its implementation, he follows all stages of creativity and realizes it: drawing techniques (nude, anatomy, observation, perspective, color, texture, volume, etc.), applied art, 2D and 3D. animation techniques, special effects, real-time technologies… The versatile profile of our student designers and technicians provides them with professional integration into ever-evolving professions.

What courses are offered at Ecole Georges Méliès?

The school offers 4 courses:

  • Prepa Atelier des Beaux-Arts: a one-year course that provides the fundamentals for artistic training
  • Production Cinema and New Technologies: a one-year course aimed at understanding all stages of the film production chain in live action.
  • Animation Artist: 5 years of training in Animation Film and Digital Visual Effects
  • Master of Cinema and New Technologies: 5 years of training in real-time technology professions (video games, VR, AR, real-time 3D, etc.)

What are the jobs after training as an Image Artisan?

The Georges Méliès school allows you to apply to a very diverse panel of professions in the world of animation cinema and video games (non-exhaustive list):

  • VFX supervisor
  • 2D/3D animator
  • Stoyboarder
  • Installation supervisor
  • character designer
  • Texture artist
  • Real-time 3D technical
  • Story Designer
  • Art director

Why join Georges Méliès, School of Visual Artists?

Georges Méliès School:

  • A low-energy campus open 24/7 to allow students to progress through their projects at their own pace
  • Providing quality equipment and infrastructure for quiet learning: a projection room, a cinema suite, a traditional 2D animation room, an anatomy amphitheater, a sound studio, a 3D animation room and even a business incubator!
  • A human-scale school with a limited number of students in each class for individual support throughout the course
  • Professional training based on experience, internship and the opportunity to carry out a master 2 qualification in work-study in collaboration with the University of Creteil and INA.
  • A rich student life thanks to the investment of the Student Office and its many activities
  • Speakers from the professional world come to share their experiences and pass on their skills

Join the school of Georges Méliès

Admission criteria and procedures

  • Prepa Atelier des Beaux-Arts: motivational interview, Bac or equivalent
  • Preparation Cinema and New Technologies: motivational interview, Bac or equivalent
  • Animation Artist: competition + motivational interview, Bac or equivalent
  • Cinematographer and New Technologies: distance test + motivational interview, Bac or equivalent

To know more

  • JPO: École Georges Méliès opens its doors to you on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on Saturday, January 7, 2023.
  • Can’t attend? No problem, Ecole Georges Méliès participates in several orientation fairs throughout the year! Find the dates of our next events on our website:
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