Why liberal doctors close their practices for two days

FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP Valerie Rodríguez (left), one of the first patients to receive a pancreatic islet transplant as part of routine care in France, speaks with Laurence Kessler (right), professor of diabetology at the University Hospital of Strasbourg (HUS) and member of France. -Speaking diabetes society, in Strasbourg, Eastern France, 14 November 2022. – After years of experiments, pancreatic islet transplantation has recently been approved by health authorities and could be “life-changing” for diabetes patients. (Photo by FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP)


Liberal doctors will close their practices on December 1 and 2, 2022. (with photo)

HEALTH – Liberal doctors and biologists unions, which have been in tough negotiations with Social Security and the government, are calling for practices and labs to close on Thursday, Dec. 1 and Friday, Dec. 2, some to demand price increases and others to avoid a range of risks. “plane strike”.

Unusually high tension between practitioners. For the first time since 2015 and after the Touraine law, all liberal medical unions are calling for a strike to put pressure on the executive. The “Doctors for Tomorrow” movement, initiated by a group of young doctors on Facebook that to date has more than 14,000 members, was launched in late August and is a sign of a simmering anger in the profession.

For “single claim” doubling the consultation price – from 25 to 50 euros -, this group “apolitical and non-union” gathered all the representative organizations to his cause. Forced to follow their base, they see a way to influence the fledgling negotiations with Health Insurance for a new contract for the next five years.

Doctors plans for tomorrow “Thousands of medical centers were closed” A series of actions all over France and in the regions and in Paris, where a rally has been announced in front of the Ministry of Health this Thursday at 14:00.

“Many doctors who have never been shut down in their lives will do so this time, so legitimately we think the movement will be very popular.”Jerome Marty, president of the UFML union, predicted this at a press conference on Tuesday. “Obviously, the ARS (regional health authorities) will make demands: we will deal with it, we are not savages”he added.

“This two-day shutdown should be electrifying”confirms SML in its part, which has long called for a consultation for 50 euros to give doctors “ ways to stay liberal. Health Insurance, for its part, has promised some improvements, particularly for general practitioners, pediatricians and psychiatrists.

Apart from the financial issue, doctors are concerned about freedom of installation, which is increasingly being questioned in Parliament, especially where bills on medical deserts are gathering.

“Hard Kick” for parties?

of “political solutions” counterproductive, on the contrary “urgent to restore attractiveness quickly”, judge Frank Devulder, president of the CSMF. Agnès Gianotti, a colleague from MG France, shared the diagnosis. “losing the meaning of the profession” no “it passes neither by force nor by hatred”.

Holy Communion is also extended to their Junior Doctor trainees, which they also require “thought”as well as had always mobilized against the addition of a tenth year for prospective generalists to Isni’s trainees.

This common front bodes well for a long-term standoff, according to a union leader who plans a strike by guards in December, followed by a new cabinet shutdown during the end-of-year strikes. The doctors also noted for tomorrow “hard blow” from December 26.

“I’m not sure if it’s popular or if it’s the right time”, warned Agnès Firmin Le Bodo last week. For the Ministerial Representative for the Health Professions, the increasing difficulties in accessing care are reflected and “The attitude of our citizens towards doctors is starting to change”.

But the public opinion argument has its limits, as biologists have shown. The sector, which has been in the spotlight for two months with record profits linked to Covid tests, stubbornly refuses to make a hole in the 250 million euros a year for other tests included in the Social Security budget.

After the first three-day strike in mid-November, unions and major medical analysis groups are again calling for labs to be closed from Thursday to Saturday. The executive branch’s final vote on the bill doesn’t seem poised to change the last chance.

On the contrary, Health Minister François Browne again condemned the actions last week “unethical”.

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