Who are the most politicians in the morning in November?

We take the same thing and start again. At the end of November that just ended Sunday newspaper he pulled out his calculator to do the math. For the second month in a row, we have listed the guests of the main interviews of ten morning shows, representative of the French audiovisual landscape (PAF), to analyze to what extent the news provokes trends in the profile. Celebrities are invited to these programs that accompany millions of French people every morning.

24% of women were invited in November

Months pass and equality between men and women in morning show programming is still not achieved. Out of 226 guests who came in November, 171 are men and 55 are women. These represent 24.3% of people invited in the last thirty days, which is a very slight increase compared to October (+1.2% or three more guests). The road is still long.

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The morning shows of BFMTV/RMC and CNews invited the least number of women to the microphone in November: 3 out of 22 respective broadcasts. France Inter maintained the title of the most even morning among their pairs, with 13 women invited to 16 men this month. Since the start of the media season, no other station or channel has come close to parity in its programming.

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Macronie Queen of the Highlands

If the partisan division of political guests in October was worrying because it perfectly correlated with the state of the balance of power in the National Assembly, the same cannot be said this month. PAF’s presence in the mornings of each camp is more chaotic.

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The presidential majority troops represent half (67 of 135) of the political leaders invited to morning shows this month. During November, which was packed with parliamentary debates, members of the government and the majority crossed radio and television sets to provide after-sales service for government texts and to justify the use of numerous 49-3s. So, ministers and secretaries of state intervened 52 times in French mornings last month, and all types of parliamentarians intervened 53 times.

Despite a sharp drop from October (19.3% participation compared to 25.9% the previous month), the left remains the second most represented camp in morning interviews this month. From 21 interventions in October to only 9 in November, evidenced by the presence of insoumi. The internal conflicts to be resolved and the storm caused by the Quatennens issue are probably not related to this erasure of the media by the left party.

In November, right-wing and far-right parties maintained stable participation rates in morning shows, accounting for 14.1% and 16.3% of political figures invited to these programs, respectively.

RN Presidency, Europe and draft laws dragged the news

For the second month in a row, Jordan Bardella leads the ranking of the most invited personalities in the morning with 5 participations. The result of the internal voting at the National Rally and his election as the party chairman put him in the news once again. Fabien Roussel, leader of the French Communist Party, was also invited to morning shows 5 times this month. He is the only representative of the left camp at the top of this rating.

In November, four members of the government each have 4 morning invitations: Minister of Public Accounts Representative Gabriel Attal, government spokesman Olivier Veran, Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt and Minister of Environmental Transition Christophe Bechu. 4 ministers whose respective portfolios are concerned during the month with the examination of draft laws in the Parliament.

To make this scene once again all-male, we find Lot Aurélien Pradie’s deputy still in the race to win the Republican presidency. On his side, the unprecedented presence of European Commissioner Thierry Breton, who has a number of hot issues on his desk, including a clash between Brussels and the new head of Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk.

Finally, on the side of the “non-political” guests, many experts and observers of the war in Ukraine intervened again in the PAF morning in November. About thirty of them are specially invited to speak on this topic as a matter of priority.

Our methodology

This article lists ten weekday morning radio and television interview guests selected by audience size. Featured programs are: 4 Truthat 7:38 a.m. on the show Telematics broadcast on France 2; Guest of RTLat 7:43 a.m. on the show RTL Morning, broadcast on RTL; 8 hours of political interview in the program Hello home!Published in the Public Senate; Interview with Sonia Mabroukon the show at 8:14 p.m European Morning, in Europe 1; 8:15 guest on the show In the morningPublished in CNews; Political guest of Patrick Rogeron the 8:15 show Big MorningBroadcast on Sud Radio; 8:20 gueston the 8:20 a.m. show 7/9.30Broadcast on France Inter; Face to face with Apolline de Malherbesimulcast on RMC and BFMTV at 8.30; 8:30 France informationbroadcast on French info radio and television at 8:33 a.m.; Political interviewbroadcast at 8:30 a.m LCI morningsin LCI.

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