two out of three minors are found guilty and kept in a closed educational center

A final sanctions hearing will be held six to nine months later. The two 14-year-old defendants face 5 years in prison and a fine of 7,500 euros.

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In Cannes on August 29, the disgusting and particularly violent act of 89-year-old Angele Houine moved and outraged the whole of France. As she was returning home after doing some shopping, the eight-year-old woman was stabbed in the back of the head by a gang of three 14-year-olds. It aims to steal his wallet and a handful of euros. The woman, who was unconscious on the ground, was taken to the emergency room in a serious condition. The scene captured by the CCTV cameras of his residence caused a wave of outrage from the entire political class.

Three months after the events, the three defendants appeared this Wednesday outside the Grass children’s court in their first guilty plea behind closed doors. Two people were found guilty of violent robbery and detained in a closed education center (CEF) for the next six months, while the third person, who was charged with a crime for participating in violent robbery, was released. “The elements of the file did not allow to prove that he was an accomplice. If the prosecution uses it as a “Happy slap”, he would surely be condemned”reports Figaro Me Dany Jawed, attorney for Angela Howie.

“The judge noted that these young people should have continued in the education center and he extended them, which is very rare. Usually, even when the facts are serious, we do not go directly to a detention center for young juveniles who have not actually committed a crime. And here we feel a certain firmness of justice that satisfies us in terms of the seriousness of the facts., the lawyer continues. During this internment period, two minors will also be required to undergo training.

“A form of security and constant anxiety”

Angèle Houin, who was present throughout the hearing until the deliberations, was able to face the defendants and speak before the judges for the first time. “It was very important to him”comments Me Jawed. “Some have apologized, misguided, insincere», he regrets by scolding “mercy”. Exceptionally, after the approval of the court, the son and grandson of the octogenarian were also able to participate in the debates held behind closed doors.

The victim must be called soon for a civil interest hearing before the final hearing in six to nine months. In fact, Mr. Jawed sought the appointment of a doctor who should report on the latest claim for compensation. “For now, this compensation is temporary and we have been given only a part of the amount”, the council of eight explains that the moral and physical damage remains, and even worsens over time. “Complications were found especially in the neck area. He feels very tired, he has a terrible reaction. It can be said that he doesn’t leave the house alone anymore, he doesn’t go out after 4 pm, he has behaviors that he didn’t have before. There is a form of insecurity and constant anxiety. Although he accompanies her on the street, he turns around every two minutes.And to conclude: “No amount of money can restore Madame Howie. You cannot restore a broken life.” The two defendants face 5 years in prison and a fine of 7,500 euros.

The mayor of Cannes and the president of the Association of French Mayors, David Lisnard, in a letter addressed to the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, requested that everything be implemented shortly after the attack. “So that the payment of all social benefits for the benefit of the families (attackers, editor’s note) be stopped immediately.» «For my part, I have already asked for their removal from the social housing they benefit from, together with the landlords concerned.“, – he specified. The city council also claimed that “the minority pretext is automatically waived in such serious cases, and those who commit such acts are considered litigants in their own right.»

Alpes-Maritimes MP and Republican presidential candidate Eric Ciotti, in turn, asked Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti to protest. “Opening of an indoor education center in the Alps-Seas”.

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