Several nationalist activists were arrested in Corsica

Several people were arrested on Thursday, including Pierre Paoli, a Corsican libertarian activist suspected of being the leader of the Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC).er According to a nationalist association and sources familiar with the matter, by the anti-terror sub-office (SDAT) in Corsica in December.

“Corsica Libera and its activists are again the target of political repression”, the association for the defense of so-called “political” prisoners condemned Solidarita on social networks and announced these arrests. He, as Corsica Libera, on social networks, one of the leaders of the independence party, Pierre Paoli, who was acquitted in June 2018 by the Paris High Court for the attacks in 2012, and “a few other people” He was arrested on Thursday morning in Corse-du-Sud by the counter-terrorism unit of the judicial police. This information was confirmed to Agence France-Presse by two sources familiar with the matter. According to a third source, SDAT made three arrests in connection with the investigation of the 2021 secret press conference.

In May 2021, the French anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office (PNAT) actually launched an investigation into the announcement of the creation of a new armed group called “FLNC Maghju 21”. FLNC May 2021 in French at a secret press conference.

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For Sulidarita, these arrests are on Thursday “Underline the will of the French state apparatus to engage in a historic presentation process in Corsica, not negotiations as some would like to believe”. Demand “Immediate release of all detainees”the association has called for a rally in front of the Ajaccio police station at 19:00 on Thursday evening.

A proliferation of events this year

The arrests come at a time when arson attacks have increased in Corsica over the past year. Sometimes accompanied by labels, these fires mostly targeted second homes owned by French people living in France, but without official claim.

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On July 11, sixteen “actions” targeting two police vehicles, two construction companies and twelve private residences, including the burning of 36 mobile homes in a camp in Aleria (Haute Corse), were claimed by a US covert group. National Liberation Front of Corsica.

The National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into the FLNC press release, which has been handed over to the counter-terrorism sub-department of the judicial police. PNAT contacted by AFP did not immediately respond.

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A tense climate

The arrests come amid tensions between Corsican nationalist elected officials and the state over the plight of Pierre Alessandri and Alain Ferrandi, who were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Prefect Erignac. correction of their punishment. In March, Ivan Colonnade’s deadly attack on the Arles prison, as well as his life sentence for the murder of Prefect Erignac, led to weeks of demonstrations and clashes in Corsica.

Clashes broke out in Corsica on March 22, 2022, on the day of Ivan Colonna's funeral;  Activists of the police

Interior Minister Gerald Darman visited the island in March and promised to discuss its future, up to possible autonomy. In July, he created a strategic committee that is scheduled to meet every six weeks. However, on September 29, a new denial of justice for the conditional release of Pierre Alessandri took over this series of meetings, with Corsican elected officials asking the government to reinstate their request. “Political conditions for calm dialogue and mutual trust”, was adopted that day on the solemn proposal of the Corsican Assembly. On October 4, Mr. Darmanin, believing this, canceled his visit to the island “Conditions for calm discussion” they weren’t “doesn’t connect”.

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The minister is expected to be in Corsica on December 8 and 9 for a visit that will not take place as part of an ongoing round of consultations on the island’s future, his entourage told AFP. Corsican elected officials expect the plight of so-called “political” prisoners to be taken into account in negotiations with the state.

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