LR presidency: “Who should lead the fight against Bardella, Panot or Attal?” Aurélien Pradié asks.

The 36-year-old Lott lawmaker approaches Sunday’s Republican presidential primary with a promise to rebuild the party “from the top down.” And for this ballot outsider, it’s an asset open only to the 92,000 party members: to embody generational renewal against those rivals, Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retailleau.

Your main asset is the age and generational renewal that you can actually embody?

Needless to say, my face is slightly marked. But this is not a war of generations, but rather a period of political succession. Who does the right side want to send to battle against Bardella, Panot or Attal tomorrow? The reality is that all parties change. Really, don’t we need some new hands, new energy to do this?

I believe in a popular right that speaks volumes to peasants, business leaders, youth, and workers to retirees. This requires real political will, and this is my main asset. And some experience. Of course, I am the youngest, but I am the only one of the three who has been mayor.

The new hope on the right that you call, what is it going through?

Talk to all the French again as a priority. This is a real change, the right has been speaking to all French people for a long time, including the most humble. And, basically, that means going to all topics, topics that are relevant to the daily life of the French. I’m talking about school, environment, salaries…

The popular right is the right that stops making big sentences and big promises and can say that we will make the French live better tomorrow.

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Compared to your competitors, you have sometimes taken very different positions. Especially regarding pensions…

It’s not a tactic, it’s what I’ve been advocating for years. When my political family supported this reform to delay the legal age, I said I no longer agree. I live by my experience: my brother is a baker, he started work very early, his career will not be long.

How do we tell people who have worked so hard that we will further punish them by ending their careers on disability pensions? We need to increase the contribution period, but by playing with the term, not the statutory retirement age. I want us to reconnect with the working class who know what work is.

You intervened in social networks to talk about ecology. It was a forgotten topic until now, wasn’t it?

Really, and I refuse to leave it to all the green service dingoes who actually talk about anything but ecology. I want us to focus on not wasting drinking water, recycling waste water, water for our agriculture or electricity generation… Water is the mother of battles and this is a way to find a rightist. an environmental message that is very different from the punitive message that some would like to give.

I will talk to you about people’s rights every evening until the election.

→ Fight against water wastage, sewage treatment, hydroelectric power… Famous right ?’?́??????? !#ElectionLR2022

— Aurelien Pradie (@AurelienPradie) November 27, 2022

Offer a uniform, by all means offer a unique outfit at school, is it popular?

I see schools today where children are used as instruments of religious assertion, and I refuse to do so. I don’t think of a republican school that allows everyone to grow and free themselves. A unique outfit that is not a 40’s uniform but another approach like Abroad can be a powerful signal addressed to everyone.

But this is not alpha and omega in the school of tomorrow, I also defend the need to reform our teachers with a normal school of the republic, decent scholarships, all children mastering the basics …

What still sets you apart from your competitors?

Members want us to turn the pages. I’m the only person in this business who can really do it, who doesn’t have years and years of dead bodies in closets with one or the other, and I think our gunmen really want it, tomorrow we can. talk to all the french we have left. Perhaps my different methods, including the occasional free speech, would be good. Then you need someone who isn’t a feather hatter who comes to add a feather to your cap to set you right. We need activists and I think I have enough energy to be one of them.

Amid poor results in the 2020 municipal elections and many departures of elected officials, France’s first LR city is currently Nîmes, with a population of 150,000. How to stop this bleeding?

By rebuilding everything from top to bottom. If senior elected officials have slowly left us, it is also because we no longer speak to the French. If tomorrow we talk to all our fellow citizens again, tomorrow the right finally has new ideas and doesn’t always repeat the same tunes, I’m sure the big elected officials will come back to us. I also think that we should give space not only to the elected officials of big cities, all communities, but also municipalities.

We can’t just have political offices where we decide matters far from the field among ourselves. This land must return to us. The advantage is that we are faced with a blank page. We won less than 5% in the presidential election, we can get back to the basics, and my mission is that tomorrow will not be a right-wing and small party, but a big party that will once again attract these elected officials who will understand this. that the alternative is built that is on the right. I will do everything to make those who leave regret their decisions.

If Eric Ciotti is elected president, do you fear a new wave of departures like everyone else?

I will always be loyal to my political family, I think we are in an era where we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past. Law cannot really change. And I am sure that Eric Ciotti will not leave the party if I become president.

Will recent controversies over his wife’s affairs affect the vote?

I am not a judge, I am not a public prosecutor. It’s not for me to judge, it’s for the activists to make their own decisions and the national financial prosecutor’s office to do its job. I always have a reflex to defend my friendsIetc policies, I think we have to turn a certain number of pages for the rest.

If you lead the party, will you be legitimate to represent the party in 2027?

At the moment, I have an advantage over my friends and competitors, I have time ahead of me. I am fortunate to have an atypical career, to serve the ideas and values ​​I believe in, and to serve my country. I am the grandson of a farmer, and I know that furrows need to be tracked before crop planning. It won’t happen in 2027.

Which one then?

It’s crazy to nominate our nominee next year, as my opponents want, we risk exposing him and killing him prematurely. I want to rebuild the party first. Then, two years before the election, we will decide on our candidate without a pre-selection, because it is a losing machine. After something.

What state of mind do you approach the final sprint?

Today (it was Monday, November 28, editor’s note) I am 66 years olde assembly of warriors. I had a busy tour in France and I’m very calm. I see members everywhere who tell me they want to turn the pages. They do not want to repeat the same mistakes of the past. I think a little wind of hope is rising in our political family. It’s modest, but it’s real. Therefore, when starting the campaign, I approach this last part with the confidence that nothing is a foregone conclusion and that we can rebuild something new on the right side.

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