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Elisabeth Borne plants trees in the gardens of Matignon

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In this post-presidential year, political parties are reorganizing their teams and structures. The beginning of change?

Renaissance, RN, LR, EELV, PS… This autumn, the internal congresses of our very valuable political parties follow each other. Movements, apparatus, apparatus. The sad equation of political politics that the French hate. An overview of emerging democracy.

This fall, political parties are talking among themselves. I promise, one day or another, they will come back to us. For now, a place for activists and members. in LR, Eric ciotti, Bruno Retailleau and Aurélien Pradié are fighting for the leadership of a struggling party. Among the Greens, members have just rejected a match between Sandrine Rousseau and Yannick Jadot. The two figures faced each other with intermittent movements. Activists vote for change to make room for a young activist. A certain Marine from Henin-Beaumont… Does this remind you of anything? Sea Tondelier The Greens must have a new boss. A challenge that does not seem obvious in a party that hates leaders and prides itself on horizontality.

During this time at PS, we curl up and take stock. A well formed habit. Currents prepare for battle. Ann Hidalgo’s dismal score in the 2022 presidential election (1.7% of the vote) remains in people’s memory. A trauma. The tactical choice of the alliance with Insoumis provokes the anger of the social democrats – led by Bernard Cazeneuve. Olivier Faure, the current first secretary of a party in dire straits, could pay the price. His move has a fun name: “Win! “. All surrounded by the famous rose, the symbol of the PS. Activists are used to rubbing shoulders with thorns…

Stability bet on RN

RN is not left out. After crowning its new president, Jordan Bardella, the party, which has come out of the last election sequence, will now look to rally the crowd. Tasks are distributed and ordered. Next stop: the 2024 European elections. Jordan Bardella should top the list. But in the main, it is Marine Le Pen who is still in charge and is preparing her fourth presidential bid without much internal debate.

Horizons, a philippist formation, strives to exist. The mayor of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe, now rid of his eyebrows, wants to pull his weight thanks to the intellectual work of his teams. Severity and the state personify the mind camp. With a faithful second in command, the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, he now has a magazine with a sober title … ” Horizons, vision and wishes to present to the women of Europe a uniform list, unlike that of the MoDem and the Renaissance. Time for emancipation?

At MoDem, precisely, we bet on remarkable stability. The eternal president of the party, François Bayrou, is renewed. Deputies try to embody the social face of the five-year plan.

A renaissance must give birth to a post-Macron

Renaissance, in turn, must invent a future without Emmanuel Macron. The current President of the Republic will not be able to continue his presidential training in 2027. Can a formation so tied to the personality of its historic leader fly on its own? Several potential buyers rush to the door: Bruno Le Maire, Gerald Darmanin, Olivier Veran… All dream of an Elysian destiny. The president of the “South” region, Renaud Muselier, has just joined the centrist adventure. To start your turn?

Renaissance now sees itself as a party. Forget the time when Emmanuel Macron vowed that En Marche was a “civil society movement” where politics was done differently. After that, we apply the old rules, from the communists to the RPR, the ones that always work. Political office, local participation, experience, elected officials and commissions… And a very important detail: the “card”, the true symbol of party membership. They are fresh from the factory.

Our politicians are dissatisfied outside the election. They often prefer conquest over training, election campaign over tough arbitrages of power, drunken speech dreams over everyday accomplishments. Many also dream of gambling; regarding the dissolution of parliament…

All but one: “First”, Elisabeth Borne, is threatened in the event of the collapse of the one who knows the fate. A man who has just planted a tree in the gardens of Matignon hopes to take root there. Yes, French politics is like a big house under construction. Good or bad? It won’t hurt to lick that fresh paint. Long live politics!

E’s Media: CarelessRB

Hidalgo good advice • “If you want to rebuild the city, you have to have a plan… It’s very interesting to change the urban infrastructure and move from cars to bicycles. From Brussels, on the occasion of the summit of European megacities, Anne Hidalgo offers feel-good advice to her Kiev counterpart. The mayor of Paris can’t think of a better word to say to the first citizen of a city at war? I’m not sure that bike lanes are of much help to the Ukrainians in their settlement with Moscow.

Tricks of the Mayor of Saint-Etienne • already mentioned by Mediapart for setting a trap for the first deputy by filming him while he was having sex with a man without his knowledge; Gael Perdriau, the mayor of Saint-Étienne, has once again been singled out for his cowardly and deviant ways. The latter surrounded Laurent Wauquies, the president of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, with the worst rumors (pedophilia) – all without any evidence, purely out of malice. It is forfeit today and is no longer worthy to represent the people of Saint-Étienne. Rumor is poison.

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