Twelve artists offer a graphic art Christmas market in Nevers

The old Harlequin shop, rue des Francs-Bourgeois, comes alive again for this festive season thanks to the first graphic art Christmas market.

This event is offered by Les Illus. “We wanted to sell our creations and introduce the public to our profession,” says Cyrille Berger, co-initiator of the event with Jean-Baptiste Van Der Heyder.

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“For this, we offered to share the premises with our illustrator friends, who responded by allowing this pop-up shop. A natural parity was created and within a few weeks a beautiful collective energy allowed us to transform the space to offer a journey into the heart of the images.”

Lively and funny line Jean-Baptiste Van Der Heydenhe mainly creates illustrations in a cartoon and colorful style on a graphics tablet, which will be sketched live.

Cyrille Berger featuring his ink drawings, board games and some of his legendary prints.

Drawing and painting are the most popular methods of expression Thierry Bonant who divides his experience between notebooks and studio work. He presents his paintings.

Louis (2Spacy) The 23-year-old artist offers colorful and psychedelic graphics influenced by various artistic movements such as pop art, lowbrow, pointillism and surrealism.

Isabelle Dalean artist whose imagination was influenced by the human sciences, anatomy, traditional art, medical journals, and botanical engravings.

Severine Perrier It offers an approach to strange images, inspired by mythologies, fairy tales, cinema and popular exoticism, then sublimated, sometimes with something magical, universal and intimate about them.

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Thierry Machuron presents his virtuoso vision on paper, drawing in his favorite form of expression: drawings, ink drawings, felt-tip pen, watercolor, acrylic, oil or graphic tablet.

Sarah Belincartoonist invites you to discover limited edition fanzines and prints, original illustrations of his endless inspiration with multiple atmospheres.

Beatrice Rodriguez, a fan of good stories, he exhibits the children’s books he draws and sometimes writes, and sells some original drawings from his books.

Randy Bertil between design and craftsmanship, using traditional and digital methods to work on volume and light, showcases a mix of exotic atmospheres and colors associated with its Reunione culture.

Anaïs Eleonore BikiniThe exciting and versatile graphic designer presents intricate images, colors and collages in unique fabrics or multiple prints.

Margot MorelA colorful illustrator with extraordinary naturalness, shares his creations of sensory universes.

This ephemeral shop dedicated to illustration offers everyone the opportunity to meet and discuss with these twelve artists for free until Saturday 31st December, while admiring the beautiful images for highly original gift ideas. The program of this unusual exhibition also includes clipboard workshops, a musical recital by Duo Fantasia on flute and piano.

Experiment. Free entry. Tuesday-Sunday at Arlequin 16, rue des Francs-Burgeois in Nevers from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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