NATO countries promise to help Kiev brave the winter

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Putin wants to use winteris a weapon of war“, NATO pledges to help Kiev, Russia angered after Pope Francis’ remarks … Le Figaro Brings together the latest information on the war in Ukraine this Tuesday, November 29.

According to NATO, Putin wants to use winter as a “weapon of war”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “who wants to use the winter”is a weapon of war” with against Ukraine “deliberate attacksAgainst civilian infrastructure to deprive the country of heat, electricity and water, NATO Secretary General condemned on Tuesday.

Deliberate attacks on basic services – heating, electricity, water, gas – are aimed at causing as much suffering as possible to the civilian population of Ukraine in order to break their commitment and unity in the fight against the Russian occupation.Jens Stoltenberg said when he arrived in Bucharest for the meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

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NATO countries promise to help Ukraine brave winter

NATO member nations gathered in Bucharest on Tuesday to mobilize to help Ukraine out of winter with expected financial aid announcement “importantfrom Washington to repair Russian damage to Kiev’s energy infrastructure.

American Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who arrived in Bucharest on Monday evening, was supposed to announce the financial aid at the end of the day.importantAccording to high-ranking American officials, to Ukraine in the field of energy. This help”important and will be countedOne of the high-ranking officials, who did not want to be named, refused to give further details and the exact amount in his statement to journalists. However, he recalled that the Biden administration allocated $1.1 billion for energy in Ukraine and Moldova. American aid is part of the perspective of the international conference of donors “Support for Ukrainian civil resistance“, will be held on December 13 in France.

In early October, Russia launched a massive campaign of missile strikes targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. According to figures cited by the Ukrainian government, 25-30% of this infrastructure was damaged.

France lends 100 million euros to Ukraine

The French Ministry of Economy and Finance announced on Tuesday that France will provide a bilateral loan of 100 million euros to help Ukraine. This financial assistance is in addition to the 300 million euro loan granted in March.

Financial aid to Ukraine plays a crucial role in supporting the country’s economic stability and the sustainability of public services.Bersi said in a press release. “It also contributes to the maintenance of critical infrastructure, while Russia’s destruction is intensifying as winter approaches, with serious consequences for the Ukrainian population.“, we added from the same source.

Ukraine is buying LRU rocket launchers from France, equivalent to America’s Himars

Ukraine announced on Tuesday that it had bought unitary rocket launchers (LRUs), the French equivalent of the American Himars, to bolster its military arsenal against Russia after more than nine months of troops occupying Moscow. “Arrival of LRU! The Ukrainian army is now stronger“, greeted Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexii Reznikov on Twitter.

Although the minister did not specify how many LRUs were delivered, his French counterpart Sebastien Lecornu mentioned it in an interview with the publication on November 19. Sunday newspaper France intended to sendtwo LRUs for deep land striketo Ukraine. There are a number of LRUsabout 70 kmand can hit the target accurately.less than a meter“, according to a statement on the website of the French Ministry of Defense. In recent months, Ukraine has used several types of foreign missile launchers, including high-precision US Himars, to target Russian rear lines, including supply lines.

Russia has been angered by Pope Francis’ comments about “brutal” Russian minorities

Russia expressed itangerRussian news agencies reported on Tuesday after Pope Francis’ comments on the role of Russian ethnic minorities in the conflict in Ukraine. In an interview published Monday, Pope Francis claimed that some of the fighters “the cruelest“Russia’s attack on Ukraine”not Russian traditions“but which minorities”they are ChechensBuryatsreferring to the indigenous peoples of these Russian regions.

According to the public news agency RIA Novosti, Russia’s reaction was not long in coming, Moscow made an official complaint to the Vatican on Tuesday. “I expressed my anger at these insinuations and stated that nothing can shake the unity and unity of the multi-ethnic people of Russia.Russian ambassador to the Holy See Alexander Avdeyev told the agency about this. Russia has been accused of disproportionately mobilizing ethnic minorities from Siberia and the Caucasus to support its attack on Ukraine after the Kremlin announced a partial mobilization involving 300,000 reservists in September.

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