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These residential missions placed within this system are organized for the purpose of artistic and cultural awareness through events that water the whole area to reduce the inequality of access to culture due to the lack of cultural offer. the isolation of certain areas or the captivity of certain populations to their habitat. It invites reinvestment in our natural spaces, our public spaces, where more attention is needed to make society better.

An adaptation of the phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

The selected theme for the years 2023/2025 “Natural Legumes and Living Culture” is considered as an adaptation of the expression “healthy mind in a healthy body” to the specific context of the implementation of the Climate Plan at the GPSEA level. this is the period of exit from the Covid-19 pandemic and the eve of the Olympic Games. In particular, it aims to promote the existing natural heritage and make it more widely known to the population, to initiate and invent artistic and cultural approaches around the various measures of PCAET (ecological model, climate, circular economies, etc.). new dialogues between physical activities and the arts that promote important gains in well-being, health and coexistence.

Guidelines for 2023/2025

This call for projects calls for targeting municipalities, neighborhoods and the public concerned about these imbalances, particularly in relation to arts and culture education. It should be noted that young people aged 11-24 make up about 18% of the population of the 16 municipalities of the area (about 60,000 inhabitants) and the 6 municipalities of Grand Paris Sud Est Avenir (see attachment). 8% of the population lives (26,000 people); Neighborhoods with more multi-child and single-parent families, with a declared median income of no more than €16,000 (compared to the GPSEA-wide average of €22,480) and where nearly a third of the population is below the poverty line (under 27) range from 37% to 37% depending on the neighborhood to %).


The collective of artists must have a SIRET number and be autonomous in their travels. A desirable vehicle for travel, especially in the eastern areas of the area, which are poorly served by public transport. A significant contribution is made to the awarding of the collective of artists for the allocation of financial resources and the creation of the best conditions for creation, distribution and mediation in the service of residents. A tripartite residency-mission agreement defining the respective responsibilities of the GPSEA, the host group and the state is signed before the residency begins.


Any artist or cultural professional or collective of French or foreign artists, but fluent in French, can apply. The candidate must have significant experience in research and creative activity, pedagogy and/or mediation and be able to fully participate in this specific device that represents the mission of the residency. Autonomy of movement is a necessity, multidisciplinary groups will be especially studied.

Application methods

The application file in PDF format (maximum 5 MB) will be sent by email or via the WeTransfer website, indicating the chosen reading in the subject line: The deadline for receiving applications has been set December 31, 2022.

  • Choosing an arrow in the bending of the general subject
  • Reasonable statement of intent (maximum 3 pages), artistic direction of the proposed project that integrates the theme and takes into account the characteristics of the area
  • A record of a similar experience that will explain the relationships created between the artist and the audience encountered and will inform the practices of mediation and cultural action.
  • A presentation file of an artist or collective that recaps their approach
  • A list of available works and a calendar of their broadcasts as they are scheduled in or near the area to encourage the public to discover them

For laureate candidatesatsadministrative and financial documents must be sent to the Department of Sports and Culture of Grand Paris Sud Est Avenir. MoreInformation from CIT referents Department of Sports and Culture : This kind. 01 41 94 32 06 –

Download the full call for applications

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