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Original Creations is the annual meeting place for artists and craftspeople to exhibit and sell their creations at the Galerie du Montparnasse in December!

“Original creation”, new season

Original creation is the annual meeting place for artists and craftsmen to exhibit and sell their works at the Galerie du Montparnasse! An opportunity for artists to promote their art and local roots and for residents to find original and high quality works.

Following a call for projects proposed in the fall of 2022, 16 artists and craftsmen have been selected by a jury to exhibit at the Galerie du Montparnasse. from December 9 to 22 (free entry).

Craftsmen and artisans of the 14th century

Week 1

Interior designer, miller

In the 90s, Emmanuelle, a milliner, changed the use of the hats she created: they now serve as lampshades. He will introduce these unique blends during Original Creations.

“In Galat, barriers are lifted and joys are revealed with gentleness and grace, all of which allow us to rule the deck with our emotions. »
(About the work of journalist Marie-Agnès Moller Calat)

Stéphane Drillon
designer, author

In his completely digitally created paintings, Stefan isolates the buildings from their surroundings by emphasizing the buildings found at the bend of the street. His works are an invitation to look around with fresh eyes.

Designer, engraver, author

An artist and engraver for the press and publishing house, his reports and prints have been illustrated in about twenty books.
“Figures du XIVe arr.” In his films, France captures live interviews conducted by Béatrice Giudicelli and filmed by Alain Gorich.

Jahan Nilufar
visual artist

“From dream to reality, we follow a drawing as if on water, from spot to line, like the trace of a fruit or a flower fallen from a tree in fertile soil, so it is a germ of creation. »

Artist, artist, artist

An architect by day and artist by night, Meriam invites us to travel, waking to sleep, imagination to reality with her “dream” series, where her paintings come to life in black on white.
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A freelance photographer, Antoine collaborates with magazines, companies, mainly for portraits, culinary photography and architecture. As part of Original Creations, he presents a series of silver photographs taken with a pinhole camera.

“I don’t decide the pictures, but let them happen by themselves.”

Jade Saint-Paul paints in acrylic abstract landscapes, mysterious with soft colors, loaded with nuances and emotions, in which everyone receives a sensation and a personal experience.

Graphic designer, illustrator and comic book writer

Through his paintings and drawings, he carries out a process of political and identity research that bears witness to the history of Europe as well as to the history of a family of Polish Jewish origin that has moved between different political regimes. on the 20the century

Week 2


An illustrator, he likes to copy the themes of everyday life and nature that influence him, drawing inspiration from the codes of his youth drawings and comics. She uses acrylic paint and black marker on fine art papers to bring her illustrations to life.

FELIX Berengere
(lychee workshop)

Creator of zero waste accessories
After ten years of consulting and burnout, Atelier Litchi was born out of Berenger’s desire to act for the planet. She offers zero-waste textiles made by herself in arrondissement 14 to encourage people to choose reusable accessories over disposable ones.

textile artist

Akiyo, a textile artist from Japan and founder of the French-Japanese cultural association Talachine, will lead several introductory workshops on Japanese embroidery at the gallery.

Artist and art therapist

His approach: look different.
A detail that turns into work, small.
Lines or color games.
It meets the impossible, the accident. Something unexpected comes: to discover a joyous, playful interest in which one’s sensibility begins to play, to invent something with things that escape.

ORLACH Marie-Louise
Jewelry designer (with watch reissues)

A meeting with a Parisian watchmaker puts him in the hands of a set of clock hands from the 1900s, which suggests to him the theme of temporality. Marie-Louise reissued these watch hands and transformed them into fine jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship.

RICHARD Prudence
Painter and engraver

Presented by Prudence, a former student at the National School of Decorative Arts Colossi, A collection of images and carvings that seek to represent the speed, the movement, the power of what moves us and connects us to the Beloved.

ROMAN Daniela
photographer artist

An artist photographer, he will be exhibiting a series of photographs of his views of the Hamptons near New York. The black and white silver images are made according to old processes. The tracks were carved on driftwood found in this area of ​​Long Island.

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