Christmas welcomes art at the Minoterie de Nay

The Scottish artist overcame all technical challenges to deliver these poetically hypnotic images reminiscent of Arabic calligraphy, the tricks of the brain and even the curvature of geographical maps. He abandons the colorful series “Sarabande”, which refers to the musical form used by the Baroque masters, Bach and Handel.

Under the tree

His numbered “Sarabandes” are some of the many works presented at the end of each year as part of the “Artists’ Gifts” exhibition organized by the Nayart association, which turns the Minoterie de Nay into Santa’s arm.

From the end of November to the middle of December, around twenty artists of all artistic and geographical backgrounds gather there for eighteen years with the same instructions: over the years they have produced their ceramics, engravings, photographs, paintings, drawings, acrylics on canvas, India inks… a maximum of 100, regardless of the value of the work. to the euro. The price has not changed since the first exhibition in 2008, and this initiative evokes the same desire in visitors: place a unique gift under the tree for them or their loved ones.

Eighteen artists

“Gifts of Artists” has become a real tradition for about fifteen years. The exhibition has withstood everything: the aging of time, fatigue, even the closure of cultural venues due to the health crisis in 2020, finding an excellent outlet in online sales. By the age of 18e In the publication that will last until December 18, 2022, Nayart emphasizes that this “annual celebration of contemporary art” intends to escape the consequences of inflation.

Once again this year, visitors will be spoiled for choice. Eighteen artists occupy the buildings and offer carefully selected works: subjective cartography, urban plan and elements taken from hieroglyphs, photographs, sculptures, engravings and even Anita Campardo’s paintings between glass cubes less than five centimeters high and Plexiglas. Régine Gaud reveals a different work in every aspect. No stranger to Minoteria, which he exhibited a few years ago, the visual artist plays with thought and transparency.

Game party

Chloé Mossessian, a young plastic artist and filmmaker who graduated from the Paris Beaux-arts department in 2016, also adopted this game with her paper covers and collages. His photographs of rocks drive the imagination wild with a heart that seems to be devouring space: a hole, a lake? Everyone is free to fill it with their own imagination, a bit like the landscapes of Maryse Michelon, somewhere between “Nicolas de Staël and imaginary landscapes”, notes Chahab, founder of Minoterie, observing the artist’s paintings from above. Between the two cliffs, the Pyrenees, a tongue white with snow, while Arasu is inspired by the desert. A little further on, Chahab plays with reconstructions of objects by Olivier Ulivierie on a mounted wooden stand.

There he recognizes the touch of the engraver Marie-Christine Beguet, who came to Minoterie a few months ago for the Convergence des plans exhibition. For “Artists’ Gifts,” he exhibits his etchings “classically” under glass and experimented with volume, using carefully selected rice paper or Japanese paper carvings to change perspective. . “This is manufacturing recycling! she laughs.

Detail or action

Double V, he also changed his view. After working on large formats, the artist, installed on the edge of Pau, casually exhibits elegant small-framed pieces whose shapes and colors are reminiscent of Japanese aesthetics. The idea of ​​these small formats was realized in 2018 by Olivier Pouey from Haut-Pyrenees, who is also participating in the Artists’ Gifts this year with his exuberant colors.

After this meeting, the idea took its course. Double V continues to paint large canvases before spending hours or weeks “finding the focus, making a picture out of it.” Sometimes he searches in vain: “There must be something! » highlights: a reddened detail in a corner of the canvas, movement, colors, and he cuts out the motif before framing it according to his imagination of a mountain visitor, a flock of birds or a Japanese cherry. bloom.

Balance point

This is the color that guides the hand of Iza Jaz, who participated in the 2020 Online Artist Awards. There is a physical connection between her and her works: Iza Jaz works with her fingertips in her abstract compositions. The artist, who first formed his vision through photography, allows us to glimpse his combinations of acrylic, oil pastel and pure pigments, landscapes, delicate scenes lit with bright colors or radiated with more diffuse and saturated colors.

This word aptly describes the works of Olivier Layus. The artist from Jurançon, accustomed to the flour mill, remains faithful to the natural materials of his beginnings without becoming captive. He installed his works a few meters away from Dominik Lahit’s fine modern calligraphy, which he has already exhibited. Olivier Layus always explores the fragility of the world, the balance and strength between man and nature by adding vegetable paints to his palette, which he delicately places between small brass frames. The sculptor also dared to model the slate to form aerial characters, inspired by dance moves or climbers caught in hand-to-hand combat with rock walls.

Water line

The Artists’ Gifts exhibition is a first for Sopaty, a photographer who, like Christine Drouillard, presents her paintings with moving colors like the water lines of her boats.

Sopaty, he traveled a lot for his work – among others to Grenoble, Bordeaux and finally Pau – and mostly for his vacations he captures the architecture of industrial buildings with his camera. Colors, black and white, shadows and lights play with contrasts and backlighting to reveal the clock on the floor of the Saint-Lazare train station or railway, which will take over the chapel of Perseverance in Pau from December 19 to January 3, 2023. Strong silhouettes of the buildings of the Valencia Institute of Contemporary Art. Art is everywhere…

Eighteen artists present:

Arasu, Marie-Christine Beguet, Anita Campardon, Double V, Christine Drouillard, Regine Gaud, Lucile Gobert, Iza Jaz, Dominique Lahitte, Olivier Layus, Maryse Michelon, Chloé Mosseissian, Notseig, Olivier Pouey Tatiana Rosepathe, Olivier Pouey Tatiana Rozenb, Olivier Rosenb Ulivierie.

Minoterie de Nay, 22 Chemin de la Minoterie in Nay.

Exhibition until December 18. Open from Thursday to Sunday from 14:00 to 18:00. Free entry.

Each job is offered at a price of 100 euros, regardless of the value of the job.

Large formats will also be offered for a maximum price of 500 euros

The circle is available online at The site will allow you to discover and purchase the works of the artists participating in the exhibition.

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