Christmas circus. Pomi and Mimi, circus artists: “It’s a nomadic and crazy life, but I like it”

December 2nd marks the return of Christmas at the circus, having been absent for two years due to covid. This year, instead of animals, different artists such as Emmanuel Liadouze and his daughter Pomi will present acrobatic, aerial and humorous acts.

This Wednesday morning was an intense rehearsal for Emmanuel Liadouze and his daughter Pomi on the stage of the Hall Jean Baylet in Valence d’Agen. Two days before Christmas at the circus, two artists who arrived the day before rehearsed to repeat the numbers they will perform in public on Friday. For the young 22-year-old artist, who will perform twice during the performance, it will be a matter of introducing the public to the aerial silk number, in which the acrobat performs aerial figures using two long elastic bands suspended from the ceiling. “I’m also going to do a number with a pearl dress. It’s a big ring on the shoulder with strings of pearls on it. When I turn, it goes up,” Pomi explains.

For his part, his father will play the extraordinary Mimiclone during three interludes and two numbers, a daring technician “very characteristically French”, emphasizes Emmanuel, who aspires to become a great artist, but fails to succeed. Dressed in overalls, wearing a beret and using unusual accessories such as a lanyard and a turntable controlled by a bicycle, the artist will then try to make his audience laugh through stunts. “The idea is to ironically highlight the artists I work with. In fact, to be the opposite of a demigod,” he smiles.

A burlesque character from the codes

This humorous character, without a red nose and make-up, and slightly deviating from traditional clown codes, was especially the public that allowed him to be imagined almost 20 years ago. The 57-year-old artist, who studied at the National School of Circus Arts in Châlons-en-Champagne from 1987 to 1992, showed himself for the first time as a soloist at the Mondial du Cirque de Demain Festival, where he notably won a bronze medal. medal. However, Washington, a trained acrobat who also specializes in trapeze and acting, didn’t think his self-deprecation would bring him success.

“I didn’t want to make a comedy, but in the end I decided to use my physical and psychological weakness to make the audience laugh. I went for it and it worked.”

Also, his professional experience allowed him to shape his character. The artist who has been through the biggest cabarets and circuses like Knie in Switzerland, Arlette Grus and Bouglione in France or the Big Apple Circus in the USA lives his passion 400%. “It’s a real nomadic and crazy life, but that’s what I like,” he smiles, the most important thing for him is not the stage, but the experience around his numbers.

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A family is calling

This passion for the circus, which was born in his youngest childhood, he passed on to his two daughters. “As a child, I accompanied my parents everywhere, I saw the backstage of the circus. I realized that this is my profession,” Pomi admits. However, even though his parents tried to dissuade him from the difficult work, he does not let go. Determined to turn this into his profession, Pomi therefore began attending hobby classes at the training center his father and mother established in Brittany in 2006 at the age of 10.

“When I was 14, I took part in one of their tours in Denmark, then when I moved to Le Mans I joined the circus sector in high school”

At the age of 18, the first professional experience for the winter gala at a 5-star cabaret in Germany finally opened the stage doors. Touring with her father, especially in the south, the young girl, now enrolled at the Amiens school with her sister Kum-Ju (also a circus performer), decided to specialize in revue dance and aerial piece, which she would present in Valence d. ‘Agent. “Later, covid made me focus on my creativity. And it’s great for me to be back on stage after more than a year off to share this experience with my father,” concludes Pomi.

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