Who is Aurélien Pradié, the third person who wants to be the head of LR?

He believes that we are “wasting time pretending.” gold, Aurelien Pradie more used to cutting corners. At 22, he was elected against the odds and against his former mentor, Lot’s high council, after a historic moped campaign. At the age of 24, he took the mayor’s belt in the small town of Labastide-Murat. At 31, he became Lot’s deputy, this time after passing the Causses anchored on the left with a green Méhari. At the age of 36, he began to conquer his party. Too stressed? Some in LR are not far from thinking of this slim opponent who “tends to think of all people over 40 as old”. The most dubious or evil people limit him to this youth, nicknaming him the “surf teacher”, referring to his runs along the Atlantic coast as often as possible. “I am not an enarque, so the enarques make fun, the relevant person notes. But the justice of the peace is an election. Last year, when many of them returned to their homeland, I was re-elected as a deputy with 65 percent of votes.

In the absence of ENA, Aurélien Pradié chose to practice law in Toulouse. The mayor of the Pink City, Jean-Luc Moudenc (ex-LR), remembers “this activist, a very nice guy and not too enthusiastic about his studies”. He didn’t finish them either. The deputy of the city council remembers with what “passion” and with what pride the very young mayor invited him to Lot to show a multidisciplinary health center a few years later. “He’s always focused on this appeal, the most humble, for all things social,” Toulousein said.

Notable events

Because this son of a small nut merchant does not deny his origin or his scars. Surfing is also a way for him to return to family vacations and his “happy childhood.” They stopped when his father had a stroke when he was 16. This is because he “spent more than half of it [sa vie] with a dumb father”, it is nailed to the chair that Aurelien Pradie has always carried the theme of disability in his political activity. The domestic violence she’s taken on when we rarely talk about it in LR is a product of her experience as an elected official. A few days after taking his seat as mayor, a citizen came to ask for help. “My husband will kill me,” she said. “She was the mother of a childhood friend, I would never have suspected such a thing, and I promised myself that I would fight this,” says Deputy Lut.

Brigitte Riviere, who replaced Aurelien Pradié for nine years, “immediately seduced” by the ability to share the difficulties of his compatriots. “He has a real sincerity and intimacy with the Lotoi, who often call him by name,” says the sixty-year-old doctor, who marvels at his “intensity of work” and “thickness.” his young Member of Parliament between two legislative campaigns;

“I’m not a fake ass”

“It’s true, he was verbally brilliant,” notes Jean-Luc Moudenz, who rubbed shoulders with the Thirties during the last regional campaign in Occitania. Another campaign that she lost early on and she did, not once, well and truly lose against Carole Delga. The mayor of Toulouse notes: “He knew it, but he went there bravely for his family and convictions.” He also took the opportunity to work on his fame outside of Lot. And also to refine the live skinned punches he saves for his opponents. “He can be rude, sometimes fragile, he knows the head of the LR and this can affect the ability of the federation behind him.” “Let’s just say it doesn’t get lost in the curls. He doesn’t lie, he doesn’t cheat, it’s not that common, ” Brigitte Rivière defends. “I’m not a fake donkey, I don’t want to smile in front and plant in the back,” the deputy assumes.

He tells everything, even if it means sending his interlocutor for a walk, including when it comes to Jean Castes, who tries to turn him into a macronism in the office at Matignon. He often tells this anecdote over meals, no doubt on purpose, so that he will never be tempted to cross over into the presidential camp. It is not in vain to treat LR activists with his right. Aurélien Pradié, an admirer of Chirac and Séguy, chooses the challenge by pushing social issues when his opponents surf more than immigration and insecurity. “I am also very determined on these questions, but if we still want to become a popular right, we have to talk about other wounds as well,” he says without concealing himself.

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