Eure-et-Loir: a week of shared culture between humor and classical music

Cultural programs are prepared in this way. Depending on the week, the shows offered are more or less unifying. There is not one title that will bring together a large audience, but a good number of events that will attract the interested.

1/ Tuesday, November 29

It’s children’s day at the Chartres theater. Presented in two acts, the show is an ambitious one. Sfumato is based on the work of the physicist Etienne Klein and explores the art of Leonardo da Vinci.

It’s also a children’s day at Vernouillet, with a sensory and poetic show called Stella MarisOffered by Digital Samovar.

Nicolas Gruszkiewicz, bookseller from Chartres, publishes L’Autre rien: “I have come to the end of an era”

2/ Wednesday, November 30

The conservatory season begins with a hybrid between a concert and a reading in the media library.

Excerpts from Moliere’s classics will be sung accompanied by melodies by Lully or Charpentier.

award Novelist Monica Sabolo arrives in Chartres this Saturday: “I have the impression of being both lighter and stronger”

3/ Thursday, December 1

after hildaEmmanuel Rey’s troupe returns with a new interpretation Fratelliat the Dreux theater.

Dorine Hollier’s play is tragicomically adapted, with a healthy dose of the absurd. The main characters, two aging artist brothers, lock themselves in their rooms, waiting for a miracle to restart their careers.

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Last dance for “Fratelli” at Chartres

At the Chartres Art Museum, pianist Lydia Tanguy and harpsichordist Jean-Luc Tellin will present a repertoire between Western and Eastern cultures.

Off de Chartres starts with the week Dalida on the couch, will be considered until December 10. On stage: pianist Alain Klingler and singer Lionel Damei, who translated the famous divan, returning to his native Egypt to film Youssef Chahine’s film, Saturday.
This piece alternates registers—laughter, drama, musical comedy—to present a nuanced portrait of the interpreter. baby Where die on stage.

award Daniel Tourret of Maintenon publishes book on World Cup: “Football is not a bad sport as long as the rules are respected”

4/ Friday, December 2

Lucé is betting on a parody for the last meeting of 2022 Ben Hur. This title is the name of the famous peplum worn at eleven Oscars in 1959 with Charlton Heston.
The show offered this Friday has a more modest ambition. Though…
Capturing the comic potential of a very kitsch and “excessive” film, Hugues Duquesne’s troupe presents a crazy version that will stop at nothing to make people laugh.

The Prince of Icelandic Thrillers at signings, full house for several shows in Chartres… Les echos de la culture

The atmosphere will be different at Vernouillet with Claire Diterzi, who has become a regular at the Atelier à performance.
His new creation, From Bejaia to Vernouillet, inspired by a book dedicated to a female icon of Algerian immigration history. It is also a respect for women and freedom.

5/ Saturday 3 December

Logically, it is the busiest day of the week with seven meetings. The morning begins with a discussion that promises to be of a very high standard. Actress Sofia Hisborn and physicist Etienne Klein will explore the subtle theme of time and art. And it’s done.

What do the next Eure-et-Loir festivals have in store for you in 2023?

In the evening, we will change the atmosphere with the comedian Marc Arnaud (Molière for the best solo on stage). Stork Metamorphosis.
At the same time, Brume Parole, a singer from Nogent-le-Rotrou, will give a multimedia concert in the small Théâtre du Seuil, accompanied by his friend, the graphic artist PanPa. The duo will present the album The Proust Studyreleased a few days ago.

award Nogent-le-Rotrou: Brume Parole releases ultra-limited vinyl dedicated to Marcel Proust

6/ Sunday, December 4

At Thiron-Gardais abbey, the hyperactive Stéphane Bern presents an evening that aims to be a mix between conference and concert. The story about the history of Notre-Dame de Paris will be illustrated with arias performed by the Liesse Academy.

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