Cyber ​​Monday 2022 – 20 promotions not to be missed on Monday, November 28

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“good plan” Digital, is an article that highlights a very good product that has been tested and approved in our labs, which is suddenly offered at a low price. A list of 20 products that were highlighted during their big Cyber ​​Monday promotions and that our algorithms rate 85% or more for the interests of a good plan and quality/price ratio at a given moment.

1/ With him steam iron GV9563, Calories it launches a device that’s not far from the top of the range and can handle large loads of laundry quickly. An investment worth it!

2/ In the market of mesh wireless systems, wifi 6 standard is starting to take an increasingly large share. TP Link nevertheless, he intends to prove with a set that the old guard has lost none of its appeal Deco M9 Plus who has everything to please.

3 / Voverk suggest Thermomix TM6 in the package. It comes with an accessory battery priced at €1,499 instead of €1,799. The German manufacturer’s flagship food processor, which retails for €1,399, comes here with a €35 peeler blade cover, the newly launched Thermomix pressure cooker (€99) and an extra bowl (€205).

4/ By voice Legee 7, Hobot expands the range of floor cleaning robots and enriches it with many functions, starting with a laser range that allows you to determine its position in space and perform methodical navigation.

5/ Proton-VPN is constantly improving and the performance is clearly above our last test. Open source, vetted and full of great features, this VPN is definitely worth considering. It’s unfortunate that the WireGuard protocol isn’t there to compete with the best apps.

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6/ Samsung is far from the last word in the world of true wireless headphones. With the new one Galaxy Buds2 ProThe chaebol intends to demonstrate the scale of its know-how and take a place at the top.

7/Nomad helmet Jabra Elite 45h It’s down to €50 at, about a 36% reduction on the normally seen price. Currently our best quality/price ratio for small budgets.

8/ One of the world leaders in the field of male beauty is making innovations. With him OneBlade razor, Phillips breaks new ground with a device that redraws shaving lines.

9/ The HW-Q800B 2022 is a 5.1.2 channel soundbar from the soundbar range Samsung. It brings together many technologies, including the new wireless Dolby Atmos, along with a wireless subwoofer.

10/ Brand dedicated to equipment for players Razer had not yet set foot in soundbar territory. It is done now Leviathan.

11/ As he does on his smartphones, Xiaomi also rises to a high level in the watch segment See S1. The steel case, sapphire crystal and leather strap bring Xiaomi to the big leagues.

12/ Hybrid keyboards must combine the best mechanics and membrane. Several manufacturers have tried this with varying degrees of success (mecha-membrane models at Razer, mechanical at Cooler Master, etc.). With Membrane technology used in its keyboards There and Horde Aimo, Roccat he seems to want to join the dance.

13/ The Ninja JC100EU it grinds the food to separate the juice from the solid residue without leaving too much pulp in the juice. This extractor is relatively practical and maintenance is not a problem. However, we regret that the extraction results in a small amount of juice and makes it difficult to make almond milk.

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14/ In the fourth version, the symbolic connected speaker Amazon Echo tries a new approach with its spherical design: finally, if not completely revolutionary, an option that allows you to level up.

15/ Drilling operator Einhell TE-CD 18/50 Li-i BL offers serious advantages for a hammer drill/driver at this price point. It is not the most effective in brute force, but it is suitable for many uses that an individual has to face. Its excellent battery life stands out above all else. Definitely very good value for money.

16/ Various household appliances Philips Sports Shoe Cleaner Dropping to under €20 on Amazon, that’s around 31% off the usual price. It is currently one of the best products in our comparison.

17/ An unbeatable line of hi-fi headphones Sennheiser continues with HD 599It is a great replacement for HD 598 since 2010. As always, the German manufacturer keeps the same recipe while making a few minor adjustments.

18/ Portable speaker Marshal Emberton At it drops to under €100, which is about a 22% reduction on the regular rate. It is currently one of the best products in our comparison.

Services offered by 19/ Jabra Elite 3 it’s completely up to what we’ve come to expect from them, both in terms of comfort, usability and listening experience. Obviously not headphones true wireless are the most efficient and complete on the market, but they are positioned as a good choice for those who want a simple, efficient and inexpensive model.

20/ Simple and efficient, the K400 Plus performs very well as a portable and utility keyboard. This is a very good mid-range multimedia keyboard, positioned between the name’s first K400 and K800. However, we’d prefer the latter for backlighting, which is unfortunately still missing from the K400 series. But with its affordability and versatility, the K400 Plus is satisfying.

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