The week in the National Assembly promises to be electric

THERE ISAfter a very turbulent week, between Insoumis “parliamentary nest” and the government using 49.3 for the sixth time in a row, stormy sessions in the National Assembly are likely to follow each other this week. After using La France Insoumise (LFI) 49.3, MPs presented a new motion of opposition and a vote is due on Monday afternoon. Thursday will be the “parliamentary nest” day for Les Républicains (LR) MPs. And between the two, elected officials will have to debate a majority bill against squats.

Deputies’ fatigue and congestion: a reflection has begun

Tuesday morning’s meeting around Assembly President Yael Braun-Pivet (Renaissance) has been planned for several weeks and takes a new turn after tensions peaked on Thursday evening.

During the hemisphere’s debate on the LFI proposal for the reintegration of caregivers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, it was ignited by the words “You will close it” by the elected Olivier Serva (Liot) of Guadeloupe. Renaissance group. An episode due to the sensitivity of the topic under discussion, the epidermal relationship between the opposition and the majority, and also the fatigue of parliamentarians after 5 months.

The reorganization of days, nights, weeks, the development of remote work, the fight against the constant inflation in the number of amendments: Yael Braun-Pivet opens the project “to improve the work and life of parliamentarians” with the presidents of the political groups.

Social security budget, the end of the tunnel?

Elisabeth Borne, on Friday evening with the constitutional weapon 49.3 in the Assembly for the sixth time, in the Assembly to adopt the spending part of the 2023 Social Security budget project in a new reading without a vote. A new protest motion by LFI MPs announced immediately must be debated and rejected on Monday afternoon.

The text will have a final service with the Senate and will be definitively adopted by the end of the week, of course, thanks to the new 49.3. This includes preventive measures for health, savings for analytical laboratories and even attempts to combat medical deserts.

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Housing, health centers: most texts series

Better protect landlords from squatting and unpaid rent: By the end of the day on Monday, the bill from the presidential majority must be considered with about 200 amendments on the menu. The issue is escalating on the left and troubling unions to defend the underdog.

Another majority text on the agenda for the rest of the week is a bill that aims to further regulate health centers and crack down on abuses, as in the Dentexia case. Various resolutions related to Iran, Azerbaijan and Ukraine will also be put to the vote.

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Simone Veil was honored

The Assembly voted last Thursday to enshrine the right to abortion in the Constitution, a first step. On Tuesday, Yael Brown-Pivet will unveil a bust of Simone Veil, the author of the 1975 law that decriminalized abortion, in Four Pillars Garden, not far from a half-shoe.

Agricultural pensions and immigration in the “niche” of Republicans

On Thursday, the texts selected by the Les Républicains (LR) group are kept in the hemisphere for verification. MPs Éric Ciotti and Mansur Kamardine will defend two proposals to reform the procedures for the deportation of foreigners, and Julien Dive will demand that farmers’ basic pension be calculated only on the basis of their best twenty-five years of income.

Finally, Aurélien Pradié, head of Les Républicains, will present a Spanish-inspired proposal for a court specializing in domestic violence, 48 hours before the first round of the election, in the same race as Eric Ciotti. However, none of these LR texts were adopted in committee at the Palais Bourbon, but the day may hold surprises depending on who is in the hemisphere.

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According to his group, on Thursday the deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas may return to the Assembly. In early November, he was suspended for 15 days after Carlos Martens Bilongo’s (LFI) “return to Africa” ​​comments that caused waves in the hemisphere. out of anger.

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