Political humor award: who will replace Marlène Schiappa for “understatement”?

Who will replace Marlene Schiappa, who defended the anti-polygamy bill: “We are not going to ban the threesome.” Last year, this prediction won the Ministerial Representative for Citizenship the grand prize for political humour.

All the “little statements” made by politicians have now been selected for the 2022 award. After two previous eight-sentence selections in March and another six in June, the finalists were announced on Monday by this jury led by journalist Olivier de Lagarde (France Info). Voluntarily or involuntarily, the author of the sentence considered the funniest will be chosen on December 6. The following will compete for the 20th prize:

Eric Cockerell, LFI deputy: “It’s crazy to imagine that we will replace Jean-Luc Mélenchon like this. It’s like asking who will replace Jaures. “Calls” 10.01.22.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris: “I wake up every morning and tell myself that everyone loves me.” Credit to Gaspard Gantzer who disclosed this in his book and was accepted by “L’Obs” on 01/09/22.

Ducka Markovic, An environmental consultant from Paris: “There are rats in Paris that they prefer to call brown rats” and it is classified as a “helper in waste control”. During the Paris Council meeting 07/22/08.

Sandrine Russo, deputy ecologist: “Homeless people die from heat in summer more than in winter.” 12.07.22 in the National Assembly.

Nicolas Sarkozy, On Valérie Pécresse’s presidential candidacy: “You don’t become Picasso just because you buy paint, a canvas and a brush. Valérie Pécresse, she took my ideas, my program and gained 4.8%”. “Dot” 03/11/22.

>> Already selected in June:

Rachida Dati, former minister addressed Anne Hidalgo, mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris: “Your participation in the Council of Paris is as much a joke as your score in the presidential elections.” At the Paris Council – 31.05.2022.

Richard Ferrand, former president of the National Assembly: “Elisabeth Borne is great, but no one knows it.” “Chained duck” – 22.06.2022.

John Lassalle, former presidential candidate: “I’m running because otherwise I wouldn’t know who to vote for.” BFM TV – 01/04/2022.

Edward Philipformer prime minister, Le Havre mayor Jean-Luc Mélenchon: “It takes a certain courage for someone who was defeated in an election in which he was a candidate to think that he will be elected in an election in which he was not a candidate. ! “.Southwest” – 29.05.2022.

Sandrine RousseauMember of the Parliament of Paris (9th electoral district): “I would like it to be possible to have the crime of not sharing household chores.”Mademoiselle” – 21.03.2022.

Andre Santini, former minister, mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux: “My party supports Valérie Pécresse because she has committed to extending metro line 12 to the Meudon bridge”. “Dot” – 25.03.2022.

>> Selected in March:

Gabriel Attal, Prime Minister’s State Secretary, Government Spokesman: “Emmanuel Macron loves debates.” France 2 – 22/02/2022

Bruno Gilles, former senator LR: “During the previous elections, I fell into the sewers to shake hands with rats; it didn’t win me over”. World – 13.02.2022

Anne HidalgoMayor of Paris, PS presidential candidate: “Rolls better, rolls better in Paris”. DBefore the Automotive Equipment Industry Federation – 03/14/2022

Thierry MarianiMember of the European Parliament for the National Rally and spokesperson for Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign “I only change parties every 42 years.” “PArisian » 01/21/2022

Valerie PécressePresident of the Ile-de-France regional council, LR presidential candidate: “If I am elected, I will tell Vladimir Putin that we must create peace in Europe.” France 5 – 06/02/2022

Fabien RousselPCF national secretary, presidential candidate: “Service stations are the only place in France where the person holding the gun is also robbed”. Twitter – 09.02.2022

Thierry Solere, Deputy LaREM: “My anatomy means that if my ass is between two chairs, I’m perfectly seated.” “Parisian” – 21.02.2022

Eric Woerth, Chairman of the Finance Committee in the National Assembly: “I never said I supported Emmanuel Macron’s first term; I said that I will support the 2nd”. Southern Radio – 16/2

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