Night brigades and Agen parties at the city council tonight

More police presence to ensure restless nights; and less money to swallow in a decidedly greedy festival: watching this evening on our site

Local police. It is reorganized on two levels. The first was marked in our newspaper on Saturday with the creation of a pair of islanders who will be tasked with securing the district of Pin. The second axis discussed this evening by elected officials is the evolution of night shift schedules.

It consists of six agents (two teams of dog handlers) and as the name suggests, this (muscular) unit intervenes when everyone is not sleeping… As admitted during the discussion, the security situation only deteriorates in the Agent. vote tonight. The evolution of the watches of the night brigade is indeed “to respond to the increasing number of requests in the regions, with many sensitive situations at the end of the day and at the beginning of the evening, for example the La Palme/Chopin district, angles as well as speed adjustments; [pour] City policy to ensure permanent presence in neighborhoods [N.D.L.R. : Montanou, le Pin, Rodrigues-Barleté], day and night; ensuring participation in developing settlements (opening of a new night club in Jasmin at the end of the year); respect the biological rhythm and the safety of the agents.”

After that, except on Sundays and Mondays, one brigade from 6.30 pm to 4.30 am (so from Tuesday to Sunday morning) and the second from 8.30 pm at the municipal police headquarters where hundreds of live images are received. will perform his turn. cameras are placed in the city. Agents monitor these images and inform teams in the field, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (bars and nightclubs).

Agen festivals. The results of the first 2022 edition will be released, and then the prospects for 2023 will be presented. The results for 2022 are mixed, reveals the debate put to the vote tonight. Admittedly, the two evenings of the festival (August 26 and 27) were held in high quality, but the number of spectators intended for these paid evenings was not reached. Although “a certain economic context: the decision was made [N.D.L.R. : de la création d’un festival payant] Before the war in Ukraine and the crisis of purchasing power, and a 30% (…) decrease in the total number of people attending the festival was there with 6,572 (3,140 on Fridays and 3,432 on Saturdays). The numbers of the festival held in the city center are also added to these numbers [N.D.L.R. : spectacles non payants] with 8,000-10,000 on Friday and 10,000-12,000 on Saturday.”

Turnout figures are difficult to verify and satisfaction with access needs to be put into perspective as the city admits “tickets sold bolder than anticipated (72% of target)”. finally, less audience than expected for this new festival.

€723,000 to pay

Measured by income. Here are the figures: Box office €174,191; Partnership €110,820; Subsidies €57,000; Gross receipts of €359,676 excluding miscellaneous (seat rights etc.) €17,665, i.e. €1,082,668 (including €715,502 for artist programming). Therefore, these 2022 celebrations will cost around €723,000 to the city, which intends to correct the budget deficit in 2023 by lowering it: “The goal is to bring the remainder below €500,000 with a decrease of €100,000 and an increase of €. 130,000 earned.”

The numbers can make your head spin, but in line with the significant “investment” that summer festivals require. In launching its ambitious project, the city also warned: first editions are always (too) expensive.

The 2023 edition (the program will be announced in the coming days) will “maintain the basics of 2022: keeping the festival on the site of the town hall; two evenings of programming; access and exit for festival-goers ( Captive audience end)” and “Open air ( outdoor music podiums), batucadas, bandas; street art and animation enhancement; enhanced urban celebration (shops, bars, restaurants, decoration)). Organizers therefore rely on the Southwestern spirit, with gangs and bodegas and, above all, the outward signs of a town celebrating three days.

War horse

It should also be noted that the city will be bidding on a service provider specializing in the management of such an event, accompanied by a professional in ticketing, executive production and security/security coordination. Finally, “general public prices should vary between 30 euros and 45 euros, depending on the number of tickets sold for the three levels (starting, intermediate and final prices)”.

The debate will be interesting to watch this evening as the opposition will not focus on the €723,000 hole in the municipal coffers and the overestimation of the number of paid spectators. That’s why we will make this 2022 festival a warhorse and an illustration showing that the cultural policy of the municipal majority is on the wrong track (be careful, the words “cultural center” will come up again…). The mayor and his close bodyguard will take the balance and say they are confident about the future: a debate not to be missed and worthy of being at the top of the agenda…

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