Mexico: the president brings with him a stream of people on the street to support his policies

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has taken thousands of people to the streets of Mexico City with him in support of his policies.

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It’s a first in decades: Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador led a crowd through the streets of Mexico City on Sunday in support of his policy, a spokesman claimed more than a million people, sights set on 2024. elections.

Nationalist leftist President “AMLO”, who is almost 60% popular according to opinion polls, took more than five hours to walk four kilometers to the iconic Zócalo square, surrounded by a large crowd of supporters.

Presidential spokesman Jesus Ramirez claimed “
1.2 million
“demonstrators” nine kilometers ” Total. There was no independent assessment. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, citing historians, political scientists and academics, this is the first time a sitting Mexican president has led a demonstration since Lazaro Cardenas (1934-1940).

At the end of the march, the president gave an account of his four years in power in front of tens of thousands of people who shouted at him in the Zocalo.
You are not alone!
“. ” No re-election! “, he lashed out at them from the start, as if to dispel any hope that he was clinging to power. The constitution only provides for a single presidential term of six years.

Putting the poor first », « raising the minimum wage ”, budget savings, without creating new debts “: the president explained in detail his policy in one hour, which he presented as a break with more than 30 years of “neoliberalism”.

Presidential elections are scheduled for 2024

Among other things, he asked the United States to end any hostile policies against Mexicans working legally on the other side of the border. Throughout the day, 69-year-old AMLO was often followed by busloads of demonstrators from the country’s interior states (Veracruz, Guerrero, etc.). ), together with his allies, at the head of more than half of the 32 states.

He did what no president has done for the poor, even if he had to improve on a few things, like insecurity “, Ramon Suarez, electrician, estimated during the march. ” I like AMLO’s way of governing “A 35-year-old educator from Guerrero (southern) state encouraged Alma Perez.

I don’t listen to the criticism written about him. For example, the violence did not start from him he added, referring to the tens of thousands of murders (33,308 in 2021) that Mexico continues to record each year. Two weeks ago, tens of thousands of people marched against the electoral reform project in Mexico City.

willingly divided to keep polarization “politically, the president believed that his opponents were actually defending” racism, classism and corruption “. He “wants to show his muscles,” Fernando Dvorak, an analyst at Mexico’s Institute of Autonomous Technology (ITAM), told AFP. “The opposition made a big mistake believing they could defeat the president in the streets,” he said.

Sunday’s mobilization comes less than two years before the 2024 presidential election. He was accompanied by two of the president’s possible dolphins, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Scheinbaum and Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. The president did not mention any names in his speech.

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