Emmanuel Macron: “One million electric cars will be produced in the country by 2027”

On Sunday, November 27, the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron switched to “Youtube” mode. The head of state, who was very comfortable in this exercise, answered many questions on various topics. As for the electric car, let’s face it, Emmanuel Macron is very optimistic: “One million electric cars will be produced in the country by 2027”.

European automakers are scrambling to meet the 2035 ban on the sale of thermal vehicles. As the saying goes, “we’re going straight ahead,” but there’s not one, but several “buts.” Indeed, when Emmanuel Macron talks about an electric car on YouTube, we can only applaud and respect his motivation and very positive speech. However, many studies, members of government, other experts in environmental causes, as well as organizations directly related to the government, are not so sure about the viable future of electric vehicles, especially as we go through a major energy crisis.

So recently, Thierry Breton (European Commissioner for the Internal Market) expressed himself in his column. echoesNovember 3, 2022. Former mMinistry of Economy and Finance, between and thus, on the topic of the ban on the sale of electric cars and thermal cars set by 2035, it was announced:

600,000 jobs will be lost. […] By 2030, we need 15 times more lithium, four times more cobalt, four times more graphite, three times more nickel. […] If we want all cars to be electric, we need to increase our electricity production by 150 GW per year, or 20-25% more than what we produce in Europe today. […] If we do it with coal or gas, it doesn’t make sense. »

A few days later, it was the turn of Clément Beaune (representative of the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Union responsible for Transport) to announce within the framework of the program, this time on the topic of 2035. Grand Jury :

“There will be a review clause to see if there are other technologies that can accompany it. […] In order not to kill our European industry, because there are continents that go a little slower than us. […] We are not going to stop exporting hybrid or thermal vehicles abroad in 2035, otherwise all emerging markets will be conquered by the Chinese. »

As Emmanuel Macron pointed out on Youtube, Europe and France must therefore quickly counter China’s attack on the electric car, which is a fact. However, do we have the tools to ensure that the electric car becomes our number 1 mobility tool? According to ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), the answer is: “The electric car will not replace the thermal car for all its uses. » Remember that ADEME is a Public Industry and Trade Institution (EPIC) that carries out its missions under the supervision of the state, particularly the Ministries of Environmental Transition and Territorial Union, Energy Transition and Higher Education and Research.

Emmanuel Macron YouTube electric car electric cars

At the 2022 Paris Motor Show, ADEME published a document entitled “ADEME Insights – Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations” (for free pdf download by clicking on the image above). This same study highlights certain environmental and industrial limitations of the electric vehicle. On the ADEME website, you can also read: In general, an electric vehicle for all our journeys (daily and long distances) is not carbon neutral, so first of all we need to re-examine the place of the car in our journeys (health and modal shift). the electric car is a brick in a broader and more diverse range of mobility services. »

Another statement that could demoralize Emmanuel Macron about Jean-Marc Jancovici’s electric car, to which we owe Bilan Carbone. The environmentalist went further by announcing last September 14th BFM TV :

“We will not get there. So there it also has physical limits on the amount of metal available in the earth and the speed at which we can open the mines. »

On a larger scale than France, the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its well-founded “Global EV Outlook 2022” (EV: Electric Vehicle) study highlighted a very likely shortage of raw materials that could severely limit energy supply. production of electric cars: “A surge in electric vehicle sales during the pandemic has tested the resilience of battery supply chains, and Russia’s war in Ukraine has compounded the problem. The prices of raw materials such as cobalt, lithium and nickel have increased. In May 2022, lithium prices were more than 7 times more expensive than at the beginning of 2021.

Emmanuel Macron electric car electric cars on YouTube

However, it is necessary to counter the very probable facts presented by BEA and Jean-Marc Jancovici, another information represented by the future opening of a huge lithium extraction mine in Allier. This site will of course provide battery manufacturers for various electric vehicles.

Finally, let’s, with a little provocation, give Emmanuel Macron a date in 2035 to see if his optimism about the electric car still holds good. Let’s conclude with Emmanuel Macron’s very interesting intervention on Youtube. Click the “Play” button below to watch it.


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