Ukraine, Mayotte, migrants, Giroud… Seven images to remember this week

Mayotte, Crete and Indonesia. AFP and ABACA.

In pictures, in pictures – Earthquake in Indonesia, power outage in Ukraine, chaos in Mayotte, astronaut Sophie Adenot… Le Figaro takes a look at the important events of the past few days.

Earthquake in Indonesia

A villager looks at destroyed houses after a magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit Cianjur on November 22, 2022, killing at least 162 people and leaving hundreds injured and missing. ADITYA AJI / AFP

On Monday, November 21, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 occurred on the island of Java, Indonesia. 310 people died as a result of the collapse of buildings, as well as landslides caused by earthquakes that hit this very mountainous region. This is the highest death toll from an earthquake in Indonesia since 2018. In this picture, a villager stands in the middle of destroyed houses.

Europe is facing a new wave of migration

Rescued refugees and migrants stand on a boat after a rescue operation on November 22, 2022 in Paleochora, southwestern Crete. COSTAS METAXAKIS / AFP

On November 22, a boat with hundreds of migrants on board docked at the port on the Greek island of Crete. This boat, which can be taken by fishing boat to the port of Paleochora, has 30 people on board.

Irregular arrivals, partly from the Balkans and the central Mediterranean, increased by 77%. After the episodeocean viking EU interior ministers have been called to an emergency emergency meeting after France welcomed a migrant boat following a diplomatic crisis.

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Ukraine is experiencing power outages

Satellite image of Europa from space on November 23, 2022. NASA/REUTERS

More than six million Ukrainian households were affected by a power outage on November 25, two days after Russia’s massive strikes against the country. While the power grid lost 30% of its capacity on Friday evening, this deficit was 15-20% on Wednesday morning. Here’s a grayscale satellite photo of Europa from space on November 23rd.

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Violence against women

Torchlight march organized by We All in Rennes, western France, on November 25, 2022, DAMIEN MEYER / AFP

Feminist collective for November 25 International Day of Violence Against Women “All of usHe organized a torchlight procession in the city of Rennes. In this image, the protester is holding a sign with the inscription “It’s your turn to be an aggressor, a robber, a murderer, to be afraid“. Despite new measures emerging as a result of 2019’s Grenelle, associations are already condemning more than 100 spousal murders in 2022.

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“Civil War” in Mayotte

On Tuesday, November 22, in the National Assembly, the MP of Mayotte Estelle Youssouffa “condemned” acivil war» At 101 he ragese French department: “We call them terrorists because they leave our island in fire and blood“he began.

Chaos reigns in Mayotte following the attack on a school bus on November 16. More than 200 hooded youths took to the streets armed with machetes, pelting shops, looting cars and paralyzing traffic. A 20-year-old boy was killed with a machete, and the driver was stabbed.

Rival ultra violet gangs of foreign minors are wreaking havoc on this archipelago, which faces uncontrolled immigration. Even as the raid was dispatched to the scene, local elected officials voiced their concerns. Mayotte Weekly / ABACA

In this video, ultra-violent rival gangs of foreign minors wreak havoc on an archipelago facing uncontrolled immigration. “Raid”, an elite service of the national police, was immediately involved in the incident.

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Giroud in history

The joy of the players of the French national team after Olivier Giroud’s goal. JB Autissier / PANORAMIC

Facing a weak Australian team, France started the World Cup perfectly (4-1) on Tuesday. In this image, we can see the joy of the French team players after Olivier Giroud’s goal. The 38-year-old striker, who celebrated his 115th cap in Rooster form on Tuesday, scored twice against Australia, allowing him to return to former Gunners.

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Sophie Adenot joins the European Space Agency’s new class of astronauts

Lieutenant Colonel Sophie Adenot. Space Air Force.

40-year-old lieutenant colonel Sophie Adenot has been selected as an astronaut for the European Space Agency (ESA). On Wednesday, November 23, the new astronaut promotion list was published.

Only five people were selected from about 23,000 candidates: British Rosemary Coogan, 31 years old, scientist at CNES (National Center for Space Research), French Sophie Adenot, Spanish Pablo Alvarez Fernandez, Belgian Raphael Liegeois, biomedical engineer and Swiss Marco Alain Sieber, emergency doctor. For the French woman, it is the fruit of a long and smooth journey.

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