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Usul, Thaïs d’Escufon, Osons Causer, Tatiana Ventôse, Papacito, Bolchegeek… Many political influencers on Youtube have successfully taken over the platform and sometimes other social networks. With very different ideologies, these videographers have at least one thing in common: embracing a certain political radicalism. While influencers on the far right and far left are legion, they are few enough to be close to the more parties in the center of the political spectrum. ” It is extremely difficult to find political influencers who are not clearly too right-wing or too left-wingAntoine Bristielle confirms that he is a political science researcher at the PACTE laboratory at Sciences Po Grenoble. We think of Hugo Decrypte, which is quite traditional in its treatment and central to watching political news.. »

In the last presidential elections, some of the most important political influencers lined up behind Eric Zemmour (Papacito and Ben&Cigar), Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Usul) or even Marine Le Pen (Tatiana Ventôse) in the second round. If it is difficult to measure the impact this support can have for the election, what is certain is that the candidates and their relatives tried to attract the attention of many influencers by appearing on their channels. But if some are coddled, others, like Baptiste Marchais, feel wronged for their radicalism despite their support. In a video, this personality complained after Eric Zemmour’s teams, whom he still likes, disrespected him.

What will happen after this ad?

Bypass traditional media

In 1996, the FN became the first party to create a website. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many political influencers on the far right, since the latter used digital tools very early on. “ While this is especially true of the right, the far left has also quickly taken over the internet. The opinion of the Jean Jaurès foundation is confirmed by the director of the observatory, Antoine Bristielle. Radical movements’ mistrust of traditional media is above average. Because they tend not to be represented there, extremes find alternative spaces to inform themselves or express their views. In the absence of 20-hour sets, these actions therefore turned into blogs, forums, and then social networks.

What will happen after this ad?

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Given the electoral dynamics, the success of radical influencers in these environments is not divorced from reality. ” If we look at the results of the first round, FI, PCF, Reconquête and RN get half of the votes, so there is an audience for these speeches.Antoine Bristielle says. In addition, these are parties that score particularly high among young people as a whole. The digital space and influencers lend themselves well to the use of this audience. »

What will happen after this ad?

What will happen after this ad?

It remains to be determined who is acting on whom. Do political influencers shape opinion, or does it emerge because society itself is already politically radicalized? ” It should be looked at systematically.my David Chavalarias, research director of the CNRS. There is an exercise effect whose causes are exogenous. For example, economic and health crises have particularly inflamed people’s minds and this has encouraged the expression of grievances. The very discontent fueled by the digital infrastructure tends to spread the messages of divisive influencers more quickly than others.

David Chavalarias, head of the Politoscope project, a “political macroscope” that analyzes data flows during presidential elections, sees a lot of digital data related to French politics passing by. According to the mathematician, in order to be seen, political influencers are interested in making divisive opinions that will lead to positive and negative reactions favored by the algorithms of digital platforms. As a result, radical influencers are over-recommended by social networks that promote content that encourages user engagement.

Democratic risk?

This phenomenon highlights that being in open political opposition is not only profitable in digital. ” Being in opposition allows for humor, condemnation, and mockeryAntoine Bristielle says. That is why it is difficult for traditional parties or macronia to have important political influencers in their favor, because it is difficult to make people laugh. strong grip handle. Humor has two other advantages for political influencers: retaining an audience by entertaining it, and also making radical comments in the name of humor. A far-right videographer filmed a mannequin representing Papacito. Jean-Luc Mélenchon selector of lambda “Before he threatened independent journalist Pierre Plott a few months later.

The disillusioned hopes of many far-right YouTubers in Eric Zemmour have raised the radicality of the threat identified in its latest report by Miviludes to the publicization of the desire for secession. ” I urge the real French to leave this countrylaunched Baptiste Marchais after the first round of presidential elections. Or for those who can’t, unfortunately, since not everyone has a way back, go to the countryside, try to be as self-sufficient as possible. A speech by his friend, the far-right influential Papacito.

In his book Toxic information, David Chavalarias pointed out in March another democratic problem posed by this radicalization, and political influencers were relieved. ” Radicalization leads to a disruption of dialogue, but it is difficult to assesshe explains. But this leads to increased disrespect for other citizens who do not think like us. He concludes in a laconic tone: We are no longer talking to enemies, but with enemies. »

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