Watèa by Michelin, a green mobility operator in the service of utility vehicles

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] While the issue of energy transition is increasingly pressing in the road transport sector, Watèa by Michelin directly addresses utility fleets. The very young company offers customized solutions that adapt to the logistical constraints of each customer and constantly innovates to solve these problems. Martin Thiollier, vice president of sales and operations, answers our questions.

Established in July 2021, Watèa by Michelin enables commercial fleets to go green with electric and hydrogen vehicles. Can you tell us more?

Indeed, Watèa by Michelin benefits from the resources and tools of the Michelin Group and focuses on all business segments: last mile delivery, services and maintenance, construction, craftsmen, etc. We offer a subscription mobility service, we provide battery or hydrogen powered vehicles, access to local and external energy and a very complete digital program that allows you to control the autonomy of the vehicles during the day. .

In what context does Watèa by Michelin operate?

We have to answer a few questions. First, the energy transition in the global context of combating global warming. The road transport sector remains one of the main emitters of CO2, and around 98% of utility vehicles in France are diesel vehicles. Therefore, it is important to reduce this share by encouraging the transition to clean communal parks. It is also an increasingly strong desire of large groups that require their subcontractors to work in electricity. This awareness is also observed among consumers who want to adopt more eco-responsible behaviors.

Added to this is the regulatory context as France aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve this, the mobility orientation law (LOM law) requires utility vehicle users to replace half of their fleet by 2030. Not to mention ZFEs (low emission zones) have been created by many municipalities to ban diesel cars from certain city centers and neighborhoods.

That is why Watèa by Michelin intervenes as a mobility operator. How?

Our mission is to make the environmental transition of utility vehicles simple and seamless for our customers. That’s why Watèa by Michelin offers a global and tailor-made service thanks to a series of digital tools. First, our teams study each customer’s specific usage to identify trade-related constraints and offer a fully customized solution. The main concern concerns the autonomy of cars. Therefore, all information about the trips made is analyzed in order to determine the maximum number of km per day and to offer a suitable offer. For example, if the car takes a break for more than thirty minutes, it can be charged during this time. This filling can be done at the depot or during roaming thanks to the terminal on the public road that we show the driver. We are also developing partnerships with operators of faster, higher charging stations.

What other tools does Watèa by Michelin offer?

All our machines are closed. This allows the driver to indicate the number of km he can travel so that if his car is missing a tool at that point in the journey, he can recharge the car, thereby saving time. Our digital apps are also designed for fleet managers who can monitor vehicle charging in real-time if that charging is done correctly. Our support is open 24 hours a day.

Watèa by Michelin supports other solutions such as vehicle sharing between companies thanks to services such as the dematerialization of the utility vehicle key. This system allows to reduce the car park, to make trips more profitable, and to reduce the costs of recharging.


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