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The used car market between individuals is still very opaque and the risk of fraud is real.

Among the main risks: odometer fraud.

The odometer fraud In France, it concerns about 600,000 vehicles every year, i.e. 20% of the used car fleet (Source: “Used cars: 600,000 frauds on the counter every year” / Le Parisien article, 2019).

An experienced odometer can overestimate the value of a used car.

Between the discount and the additional costs for maintenance and repairs, this deceptive experience makes for a deceived buyer an average loss of 3,400 euros (Source: Car-Pass Report 2021).

the HistoVec website Which the French government has demonstrated since 2021 the mileage recorded on the vehicle at each inspection. This initiative is good. However, this has its limitations as a technical review is only mandatory every 2 years. A malicious seller can always falsify his odometer during this interval.

Odopass, a trusted third-party application to combat mileage fraud, replicates a solution that has reduced mileage fraud in France to 0.2% of the Belgian market.

Car owners can confirm the exact mileage of your car in the Odopass application for free and at any time.

To use Odopass’s Certified Odometer feature, simply download the free Odopass app and create an account.

The individual seller must then verify their profile by uploading a scan of their ID and gray card to guarantee that they actually own the vehicle.

Odopass recommends logging your mileage regularly every month by taking a picture of your meter.

The Odopass system is based on meter photos stored in a blockchain ledger. This security lock integrated into the application ensures that they are tracked, makes them immutable and therefore protects the reading history by preventing any changes.

Thus, mileage can be estimated when selling a used car.

The owner should only share the mileage history of his car to prove his good faith to a potential private buyer or in the case of a professional sale.

To accelerate the fight against dangerous odometers, Odopass has opened the Certified Odometer feature to all professionals. Garage owners can thus share the history of their mileage data in the Odopass application.

In the early 2000s, Belgium was a hotbed for mileage fraud. The Belgian government has introduced a solution to this problem called “Car-Pass”. Principle: the mileage of each vehicle undergoing maintenance, repair, assembly or maintenance is recorded in a central file. Since then, used car dealers, professional or private, must provide an “Odometer Certificate”, Car-Pass, to a potential buyer. The system was implemented in Belgium in 2006. The number of frauds has fallen from 60,000 per year in 2005 to 1,578 in 2021, representing 0.2% of the market (Source: Car-Pass Report 2021).

“Belgium and the Netherlands have virtually eliminated odometer fraud with the Car-Pass certificate. All professionals working on the vehicle (mechanics, repairmen, etc.) must systematically enter its mileage into the national database. Due to the lack of a French equivalent, we offer every car owner the opportunity to regularly report their mileage on the blockchain, simply by uploading a photo of the meter in the app. Odopass brings a real plus in addition to the two-year readings provided by HistoVec and the kilometers logged in the maintenance log. A true revolution in uses that contribute to the scale to fight fraud and offer the guarantee of a good opportunity to buy »Ghislain Trabichet, co-founder of Odopass, concludes.

Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

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