The best political party

Some subscribers accuse Bill Bonner of being a Trump supporter, while others accuse him of being a Biden supporter. Emmanuel Macron’s thinking allows him to clarify his position.

We welcome new readers every day, Chronicle of the Agora. Many people have practical questions. We try to answer them through our analysis whenever possible.

But there are other questions. For example: Who are we? What are we doing?

Some accuse us of being “social-liberal” from the front. Even the “leftists”. Others are convinced that we are armed Trumpists in hats.” Make America Great Again “. One reader (probably based on our clumsy prose) even accused us of the ultimate evil: voting for Joe Biden.

Some readers regard us as nihilists, and others as antinomists. And some are simply amazed by what must appear to be bitterness, disdain for all existing “isms”.

Who are we? what are we What poisonous belief lurks between our lines?

The statement of French President Emmanuel Macron made us think about it. “The best energy is the energy you don’t use,” he said earlier this year.


We use energy to heat our homes, run factories, and get from point A to point B. Would it be better to avoid it?

Is the best food you’ve ever had?

Is the best kiss the one you never get?

As for the long awaited holiday? Could it be that the best ones are the ones you will never receive?

Dear reader, Bill T., sent us this photo of a Tesla parked on the side of a road in Northern California…

The road has not been built

This Tesla, which failed to achieve its intended purpose, now runs on gasoline, causing the greatest misfortune on the planet. So, as far as this photo goes, this trip was one of the most enjoyable trips the driver has ever taken.

The best thing about our chronicles, of course, is that we never wrote them. And our best ideas are the ones we don’t have.

But the only way to understand Emmanuel Macron’s Moon words is to apply them to something that eludes him, something that shouldn’t be done: the best murder you can commit is the one that doesn’t hurt anyone.

And this inevitably leads us to our political affiliation: we have the best because we don’t. If we supported one side or the other, how could we objectively analyze the facts and events? If we were in the middle of the crowd, how could we observe the crowd?

How could we offer you useful content if we only confirmed your biases?

Dear reader, let us warn you. There is no “safe place”. Our corners are a dangerous place where you can face ideas you don’t like. We may not like it either, but we express it because they are right.

Which ones? We don’t know. All we can do is unravel the threads and describe what we see.

The least controlling

Yes, dear reader. We deny all these allegations. In the last US presidential election, we did not vote for Joe Biden. Nor for Donald Trump. In our opinion, none of them deserved it.

But who deserves it? After all, the best politician is the one who never runs, never votes, never chants, never takes a single bribe (sorry, we meant “campaign contribution”) and never tells. what to do and how to live their lives.

The best politician is none. This explains why today’s politicians are far from the best. He is not even second on the podium. Almost all of them are shameless frauds, ready to say anything and do anything to cling to power.

Power corrupts. And in this bubble busting era, the American empire is the most powerful it has ever been. The best power, of course, is the power you don’t have. And, oh wonder, those in power are corrupted by it.

Our job is not to support a party, a cause, a movement, an ideology, nor to wave a flag, nor to find a solution, nor to find a culprit, nor to throw stones…

It is simply to observe. And if we’re lucky, if we’re watching carefully, we can see a fleeting shadow of what’s really happening in the dirty glass for a second or two.

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