Samsung sound bar -30%! Headphones and speakers for sale

THE VOICE OF BLACK FRIDAY. On soundbars, Black Friday discounts offer discounts of up to €400, especially on Samsung models. There is no shortage of discounts of -30% or more on helmets, speakers or headphones.

Black Friday is accompanied by up to -40% and a little more promotions and discounts of several hundred euros on many sound systems. The commercial operation has a heavy impact on the prices of the soundbars, which are cheaper by 100 or even 400 € in the most expensive models of the Samsung brand. Another benchmark brand in the sector, Sonos, also offers interesting offers on useful equipment for listening to your favorite albums or watching movies with very high sound quality.

Headphones, speakers and wireless headphones also benefit from attractive discounts on Black Friday. Few sound systems are available for less than 100€: JBL, but very good quality Marshall headphones or speakers are also star products from JBL and Bose. Some high-end headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM5 or the Sennheiser Momentum 3 are also on sale for €329 and €180, respectively -20% and -40% off. These discounts can be supplemented by other discounts offered by merchants such as Darty, who offer €15 for every €150 purchase on a selection of products, the same for members who benefit from an additional €10 discount after every €100 purchase at Fnac. A word about the other star products in the world of wireless headphones, audio, where the coveted models such as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds or the Sony WF-1000XM4 are sold.

How can you talk about audio devices without mentioning Sony? The brand is known for the quality of its products, especially its headphones or earphones. Consumers flock to the manufacturer’s devices on Black Friday. Among the deals, we can note -20% on the latest products such as the WH-1000X4 headphones for €229 instead of almost €300 or the youngest WH-1000X5 headphones for €299 against the usual €375.

Bose is a reference brand in terms of sound systems and participates in Black Friday every year by releasing several products. Note that the brand applies attractive promotions on new models, but lowers prices even further on refurbished and refurbished products.

JBL is another specialized and very popular brand for audio equipment, headphones and speakers. JBL products are also more affordable than competing brands, and they’re more available on Black Friday, enough to keep even tighter budgets interested.

Marshall is unique in its style, known among thousands, but also, and above all, in the sound quality that its products deliver. For listening comfort, Marshall headphones are among the benchmarks, and luckily for consumer wallets, they benefit from Black Friday promotions.

Many other manufacturers have a choice in the audio sector, with products that are highly sought after on Black Friday at more affordable prices that don’t compromise on sound quality. Among them, some are outstanding like Sennheiser, but there are other brands like Jabra.

It is impossible to talk about audio equipment without mentioning wireless headphones and the stars of the sector: Apple Airpods. This expensive product is on sale at even better prices on Black Friday, and head over to our special article to find the best deals on these little gems. It should be noted that helmets are also available in the Airpods series.

Bluetooth and portable speakers have become essential for enjoying music at home, outside and even on the go, alone or with others for a moment. In this type of product, the offer is as important as the Black Friday promotions, models from Bose, JBL, Marshall are sold at a discount and prices can drop below the 100€ mark. You can also find models from higher ranges on sale, such as the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II speaker.

Airpods aren’t the only star of wireless headphones. Marshall, but also JBL or Sony offer products of the same quality and at a lower price. In addition to the selection below, note this good deal on Bose’s updated QuietComfort Earbuds “true wireless” headphones for €159.95 instead of €249.95.

Black Friday is also the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to bigger and more expensive devices while having fun saving your wallet a little. Soundbars are a perfect example. These devices allow you to listen to music as well as enjoy a movie with very high sound quality worthy of a cinema, here is an example of the LG SN9YG soundbar with its case, which sells from €319 to €449. Advantageous promotions also run the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II soundbar worth €169.

Anti-fraud advice How to avoid false promotions?, the ministry’s digital security assistance and prevention website, specifically advises against the rush: “Don’t even be duped by a bogus online seller offering you the deal of the century, or give away your loan with a countdown flash sale. take the time to conduct very quick and minimal checks on the card number: the real presence and reputation of the seller, the reality of the promotion, the security of the transaction…”. Find their other tips on their site.

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