Technical sector / Category C / Supervisor / Owner

Published on 25/11/2022

Last date for submission of applications: 25/12/2022

Brest Métropole is recruiting for the Department of Logistics Heritage under the conditions established by law: Holders of public functions or registered on the list of abilities or by the application of the law on people with disabilities

Applications that do not meet these conditions will not be considered.

Main missions):

Revitalize the activities of the Light Vehicles – Service Station workshop, under the direction of the head of the garage workshop section, ensuring the management of requests for interventions under the required quality, safety, deadline and cost conditions.


Personnel management:

  • Ensure management of leave, recovery, days off, part-time, etc.
  • Rate agents, promotions, promotions.
  • Determine the agent’s training needs.
  • Liaise between the Head of Department and the agents of the workshop: guarantee the correct application of directives by maintaining a good working environment and alerting the manager of any major difficulties.

Activity management:

  • Ensure smooth running of workshop activities.
  • Supervise and supervise the maintenance work carried out by the maintenance station for heavy trucks and machinery.
  • Monitor and maintain tires, oils, lubricants and fuel supplies.
  • Follow oil analyses.
  • To participate in the preparation of technical conditions for calls for tenders.
  • Write maintenance manuals for new equipment.
  • Manage and track manufacturer recalls and warranties.
  • Supervise the operation of the service station workshop. Review regularly (once a week) with the head of the light vehicles and garage workshop or his deputy.
  • If necessary, strengthen user acceptance.

Resource management:

  • Ensure follow-up of equipment and tools available in the workshop.
  • Participate in resource management: identifying needs, analyzing requests, monitoring equipment, etc.

Suggestions for improvements:

  • Write the procedures and organizational notes for the workshop.
  • Use indicators as support for business analysis and improvement actions.

Required Skills:

General knowledge:

  • Mastering the techniques related to the repair of the equipment that makes up the car park
  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations for agents in the workplace and in electric vehicles
  • Concepts of administrative procedures.

Practical skills:

  • Ability to supervise employees.
  • Ability to coordinate and optimize multiple activities
  • Ability to take initiative and make decisions.
  • Knowledge of office tools (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Professional Skills:

  • A sense of rigor and organization
  • A sense of responsibility
  • A sense of diplomacy and public service
  • Serious and methodical
  • Ability to listen, analyze and take a step back
  • Dynamism, autonomy and spirit of initiative
  • The joy of teamwork.
  • Concerned about the quality and price of the service provided
  • It is open to any proposal that allows us to optimize public service missions in the interests of users and the Department of Vehicles and Machinery.

Hierarchical and functional relationships:

  • Reporting line: Head of the garage department or his deputy.
  • Supervision (number of supervised agents): 6
  • Internal relations: all departments of the city of Brest and the metropolis of Brest.
  • External relations: Suppliers, service providers and external organizations

Practice terms and conditions:

  • Workplace: Community Technical Center – 5 rue Ferdinand de Lesseps – 29200 BREST
  • Working time and hours, ATT:Cycle is organized in 2 weeks. 1 day is released every 2 weeks
  • Material resources of the post: Computer station, PPE, toolbox, mobile phone
  • B license holder, (C and BE optional)
  • Holder of a forklift driving license (or ability to practice).

Specific restrictions:

  • Physical ability to carry and handle loads
  • Work in a dirty environment
  • Overtime and non-working days if service is required

Desired profile:

Experienced mechanic with significant experience in management and fleet management


For all information about missions, contact:

  • Laurent BOUVET – Head of the Department of Vehicles and Mechanical Engineering – Tel: 02 98 33 50 07

For all information on statutory terms and conditions, please contact:

  • Christelle CERANTOLA – Recruitment Specialist at HRD – Tel: 02 98 33 57 74

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