Gilles Fromenteil revises Paul Richer’s sculpture Le Bucheron for the Vierzon museum

This is the emblematic statue that sits at Brisson High School woodcutter, changed his name Lazy Inspired by generations of students, Gilles Fromenteil hosted the ceramic sculptor in residence at the Vierzon museum. “When I saw the statue woodcutter When it was exhibited in the museum, I remembered that I had a mold of it in my workshop,” says this artist who lives in the village of Archigny near Chatellerault, Vienna.

Gilles Fromonteil, artist in residence at the Vierzon museum. The activity room has been converted into a studio

They wore animal masks and placed them in jugs and coffee pots

This was the first favorable sign to start cooperation with the city. “In my career, I have met many people who studied at AQS . I also saw that Vierzon, a genius sculptor, had not paid too much attention to Dalou, who had erected a statue in the square.ploughman . Dalou and sculptor Paul Richerwoodcutter

, were friends, they are part of the French classics. My third statement is that Vierzon is a porcelain city. »

Gilles Fromonteil, artist in residence at the Vierzon museum, Sculptures inspired by the Woodcutter of La Londe forest by Paul Richer

Exhibition at the ceramics center of La Borne

After all the ingredients for the creation were brought together, it remained to set up the ephemeral workshop, which Gilles Fromenteil started working on last week. The revised porcelain-cast Miniature Lumberjacks now line the shelves of the museum’s activity room. Dressed in animal masks, they were placed on jugs and coffee pots, decorated with glass stems, a trademark of Gilles Fromenteil’s works, adding to the working class work.

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The connection between historical collections and the modern world These are Lumberjacks

It will cause a sensation during the exhibition, which will mark the reopening of the museum next spring after its winter closure. Keramist will return in December for a new series, which should be original and surprising, this time inspired by the mechanical industry in the museum. “I will be interested in tractors and make a connection between historical collections and the modern world. » Promotion of museum collections, development of artistic creativity: this is the dream of the city and invites this artist to intervene with schoolchildren.

Artist in residence at the Vierzon museum with Gilles Fromonteil, curator Fleurance Lachaud and heritage assistant Franck Michoux

Workshops with 77 students
A total of 77 students will attend workshops, CPs, CE1s and CE2s at Turpin, Chaillot and Forges schools. During four sessions, they will meet an artist, explore ceramic works and create their own creations. They will also be exhibited in the spring, in the museum, before going to class, and then at home.

Gilles Fromenteil is pleased to discover Vierzo through this residence. But with one regret: working with Brisson high school due to lack of teachers. Is this a missed opportunity to rehabilitate Sloths, who are perhaps not always well-received by students?

The first National Vocational School (ENP, opened in France in 1887, especially for the training of ceramists, became a technical lycée in 1959, and since 2006 it has been named a lycée of industrial and applied sciences. ORGANIC EXPRESS

1957.Gilles Fromenteil was born in Poitiers (Vienna), where he took his first artistic steps at the School of Fine Arts.

Training . Atelier Jeanclos of the National School of Fine Arts in Paris from 1982 to 1986. Master’s Degree in Plastic Arts (Paris I)

Private workshop. Archigny Dairy Cooperative (Vienna)

Made in Sevres (Hauts-de-Seine). Visiting artist in 2005

Deshoulieres production,in Chauvigny (Vienna). Assistant artist, 2006-2015

Residence in Berlin. In 2012-2013


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