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It is held until February 26, 2023 5e Edition of Chaumont-pwarmsur Loire. Four big names in photography vseIegiveNature, travel and black and white through this winter exhibition. They invite people to a nice walk.

By Flora Robin

Exhibition Eric Bouret Photo Didier Depoorter

It’s an anniversary: ​​five years of ChammontPictures-sur-Loire. This new season is an important one. Four very important artists look at nature. All four work in black & white and they are great travelers… Each with their own views, views, but all of them fascinate us »Chantal Colleu says-Dumond, Domaine and director of the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival.
Éric Bourret, Denis Brihat FLORE and Mickael Kenna are guests of Chaumont-photo-sur-Loire.All four grow nature: from him get close toto their treatment pictureetc.

Eric Bourret, tireless walker

At fifty-eight, Eric Bourret lives in several parts of the world. Today Ithisin this magnificent placeartI present an unpublished work, realized in winter Between 2020 and 2022 » Arbos is the name of his exhibition at the gallery, which brings together about thirty large formats. that vibrates as one visitor pointed out. Indeed, these superpositions of which trees are the subject” I create them By photographing X times over X meters, this leads to multiple snapshots. I don’t know in advance what the outcome will be. You can see the ambiguity in my works: are they photographs or paintings? The rendering is very calligraphic. »
The artist returns often Montlouis where there are family ties and travels around the world for six months a year” at least thirty years! ” : of ” I’The Himalayas where I lay in the shelters, passing through the Bouches,fromRhoneThe fjords of Iceland, the main forests of China… All kinds of landscapes m‘intethink if you have I can walk there and that these are natural landscapes. Depending on where I’m going, I carry equipment, film, or digital backpacks. And the challenge is to be as light as possible. » One-of-a-kind works that are a challenge, for which one wonders how they are made.

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Denis Brihatmotionless traveler

Denis Brihat Photographs can be admired in the Cour Agné spaceetcVarda, presents his reading of his garden: lichen; onion; tulips; herbs; cedar needles; carrot flowers; kiwis… who bought this artist Niepce Prize in 1957defines his works as photographic drawings » where each topic becomes a work in itself. Nature you have never seen before.

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FLORE, unfiltered sophistication

FWITH, Awarded the Nadar Prize in 2020, exposed In Lthere isguilt. Here he shares his journey through poetrysieon the trail of Marguerite Duras, who led him to India. I present oneAsia, the sorceress of a dreamveefor whom the artist explains photography is everything to me except love. »

“Lthe smell of the night was the smell of lilacs”the title of his exhibition presents the silver photographs he took himself and carefully selected the paper because “ he is the flesh of my image “. His pictures, cherish them, enhance them with the last treatment: gold ; tea ; wax… So they are unique, recognizable at first glance… but one glance is not enough : they are an invitation to slowness, and by taking this period of observation, they carry us very gracefully. A piece of clothing there, a scene with empty chairs in front of it, a pontoon and palm trees here again… the red thread of this work is full of beauty, sensuality and intense black… as intense as emotions. let’s feel it.

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Michael KAnnamajestic as an oak tree

A photographer who has just received his decoration dOfficer of the Order of Arts and Letters, exhibitionse eighty small square format into chcake.

I saw Mikael Kennan working, Chantal Colleu-Dummond describes, in symbiosis with trees. Sometimes he reaches out and hugs them to take their picture… » The silver images shown here are cCenteron ed Trees. Trees in fog, mist, under snow, alone or in groups… they are all beautiful!
A world-famous artist draws his works himself, and it’s amazing. This nis the shock of his approach, not of the defiant photos: “ he draws portraits of trees of portraits of people emphasizes the director of Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire.

An artist for more than fifty years realized more than six hundred works. Heir to the classical English aesthetic tradition, he gives the world, its trees, a look that sublimates its subjects.. And the people are under a spell, they are looking for the tree that looks like it, unusual, the one they like the most…

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You will understand, you should not miss these 5e publication Chaumont-photo-sur-Loire, one of the best regional events promoting photography! Also lie on the trees in the property’s park, some of which are also worth a visit…and get your cameras out!

Photo report by Didier Depoorter

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