C’Chartres Métropole Handball is on the road this Friday with the fast growing Limoges team

When the Beaublanc gym is mentioned, the most nostalgic people see Richard Dacoury or Jim Bilba in their works, and the general public inevitably thinks of basketball. However, there have been no CSP basketball players filling the legendary Limoges corps for some time. LH, which was named as such two years ago, has climbed the ranks four times over the past ten years. Now well established in the Star League, he aims to play a real role there in no time.

A great project

In its third year in the elite, Limoges already shows the division’s sixth budget with an envelope announced at €5.2 M. Substantial resources corresponding to fairly high goals: preparing to play in Europe within three years. The project was entrusted to Spanish coach Alberto Entrerrios, who arrived from Nantes this summer, and he has real popular support. “If CSP remains CSP, handball has found its audience,” says Xavier Georges, journalist of Le Populaire du Center. There is real enthusiasm and we almost always have 3,000-4,000 spectators in Boblan. »

Grahovac makes noise, Figueras almost in action, Cup draw in December… Final echoes of C’Chartres Métropole Handball before the trip to Limoges


In recent years, the leaders of Limogeaud have embodied their project by hiring several gondola heads. Their policy began in 2019 with the signing of Slovenian winger Dragan Gajic, who moved from Montpellier and later became the pride of Hungarian club Veszprem. The following year they went to Barcelona in search of another Slovenian, Jure Dolenec. These two Champions League finalist and winner giants have been joined this summer by two new big CVs: former Barça and Kielce winger Angel Fernandez and French goalkeeper Olympic champion Yann Ghent (PSG). If LH can catch the big fish, he also knows how to work on more exotic profiles with small Israeli center half Yoav Lumbroso or Egyptian leader Seif El Deraa.

Chartres shakes PSG


Still erratic in its performance, LH is only 11th in the standings, up from 13th last spring. If the defeat at home against Dunkirk (26-27) or Cesson (30-27) was very unfortunate after leading by seven goals in the second half, Limougeauds still showed what kind of wood they want to heat consistently. with themselves. So they are the only one to beat Nantes this season. It was October 30 and this 35-31 looks like a benchmark match for Alberto Entrerrios’ men who will be hoping to go a little higher in the coming months.

Now Chartres wants to come true. A week after abusing Paris SG, without being rewarded for their excellent match (32-33), CCMHB hopes to get a point this Thursday in Limoges. In a room they won last season, the Chartrains will have to deal with two voids in the backcourt: Matic Groselj, whose back is still blocked, and Yvan Verin, who suffered a shoulder injury. On the other hand, good news, Adrian Figueras is good on the bus. His knee injury, which was a concern at the time, was ultimately a simple caution and the Spanish pivot will be able to take his place at Boblanc. With five matches remaining before the winter break against mid-table opponents (Limoges, Nîmes, Saint-Raphaël, Dunkirk) as well as the red lantern (Sélestat), Chartrains are looking to collect as many points as possible. to get closer to their original goal, which is the first half of the table. Same ambition as LH…
Limoges (High Vienna), this Thursday at 8 p.m.
Serdarević, Genti – Guillaume, Kervadec, Kusan, Dolenec, Gajic?, Nieto?, Fernandez, Kolle, Hrstic, El Deraa, Lumbroso, Daoud, Petit, Iglesias. Introduction. : Enterios.
Chartres: Grahovac, Meyer – Ilić, Vium, Figueras, Kolaković, Busselje, Kudinov, Dimitrov, Abutović, Onufriyenko, Jund, Gayduchenko, Tribillon, Semba, Saussay. Introduction. : Girona.

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