Basketball / Elan Béarnais: Fabio Milanese’s “childhood dream”

Fabio Milanese (1), 18, from a family of basketball players, has been given assurances that will allow him to be rotation-based as he returns after five weeks without the ball due to a sprained ankle. to the functioning of a Pau workforce where each of the nine relationships is essential.

In 2007, when Nando de Colo was named MVP of the LNB All Star Game, little Fabio had not yet turned four. 15 years later, the young playmaker will fulfill his “childhood dream” when he meets a left-handed idol like him on the floor of the three-time French champions, where Elan secretly dreamed of creating this feat.

Here, against Strasbourg on the first day of the championship, Fabio Milanese has a real card to play with only nine professionals in this workforce of Elan.


How do you feel about this head-to-head with Nando de Colo, one of the top five European players of the last decade?

“Playing against him is a childhood dream come true. I knew him as a fan, now I meet him face to face! It’s good to face a high level and he’s a high level Euroleague player, a player with a lot of experience. He is an example for me, but we will give everything without giving each other gifts on the field. »

A step that can improve you?

“I learn more on the bench by watching the best game, because everything happens so fast on the pitch, I don’t have time to think, I focus on my game and how to play the team well. When I’m on the bench, I have time to check the opponent’s strengths. This is Jimmy (Verove ) is similar to the video work done with ».

How did you experience this comeback against Gravelines?

“Honestly, it feels good to be back. Being involved, not being able to do anything, losing four in a row, it’s very frustrating. I tried to bring my youthful energy with my mistakes and qualities to come back. I was really looking forward to it and it was nice to play again, especially in the win. It is important to return the trust given to Eric (Bartecheky). »

As a bonus, with the feeling of having played an important role?

“Yes, it is very important. Even if I only play 5 or 10 minutes, I know what the coach expects from me. »

What are your priorities going into the game?

“The priority is to be tough in defense, not make mistakes to gain confidence in attack and then make the team play. For the score, we’ll see later. »

Is it as reassuring as Enzo Shahrvin to know that the coach needs you and that you will have minutes?

“In the beginning, it puts a little pressure on us because it’s our first professional season. Obviously, we have a great group and Giovan (Oniangue) is doing everything he can to give us confidence. There’s definitely a form of fear, but at some point you’ve got to go out there, you’ve got to have fun, because I’ve always wanted to be a professional basketball player. It’s a blessing to be able to play so young. You have to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. »

Is Mike Stockton instrumental in your discovery of the high?

“He guides me a lot. With him, I am very demanding and very open to exchange. He also went there and knows the importance of the council of elders. »

What distinguishes the U23 championship you dominated last year (15 points, 7.3 assists, 3.8 rebounds) from the Elite championship?

“It goes faster! The players are stronger, more physical, older, it doesn’t really have anything to do with it. »

(1) His father played in Nationale 2 in Garonne and his mother in Nationale 3, also in Garonne. His younger brother, 15-year-old Louka, is a key element of Elan’s French cadet team, which he developed.

Fabio Milanese was spotted by Julien Lalanne, director of the training center and former Espoirs coach.

Julien Lalanne : “Since 2003, same generation as Enzo (Shahrvin). Fabio, this is his fifth season here. I got it from Bordeaux. The priority of recruitment for the foreign position was clear to us. He was always very mature, but his profile took time, because he was always stressed by the desire to do very well. He has always been serious, very professional and very young in his approach to training and matches.
On the other hand, at the start, he was at a physical disadvantage, lacking great speed qualities. On the other hand, he had a “big” arm. It is clear to me that he is a professional. He needed to be reassured at the beginning as he was still learning. He is a great kid from a human point of view. Even if his main strength continues to be goal scoring, he has what it takes to have a great career as an organizing playmaker. I’m sure he has the mental resources to pull it off. »

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