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The French Telecommunications Federation, Google and Samsung announced yesterday the 3 winning projects of the 2022 Telecommunications Innovation Award, with the high sponsorship of the National Advisory Council for the Disabled (CNCPH). new mobile digital solutions, applications or digital services designed to facilitate the daily life of people with disabilities. The winners will be awarded a donation to continue the development of the project. They will also benefit from increased visibility with all players in the partner ecosystem.

Winner of Young Hope Award: Vidar project proposed by IPIC-ASSO association

The Vidar project, created by the IPIC-ASSO association founded by 2 high school students, aims to simplify communication for hearing-impaired people. It is a cross-platform application (mobile and web) that offers an instant messaging service to connect two interlocutors and simplify instant communication.

Citizenship Award Winner: Justice Plurielle project proposed by Droit Pluriel

Droit Pluriel of general interest is a reference association defending the rights of people with disabilities since 2009. Justice Plurielle responds to an observation shared by the consensus: there are places of free access to the law throughout the area, but they are unknown and their availability is not reported. With this project, all French litigants can find the points of justice that can answer their legal questions free of charge and in complete privacy, in the most appropriate way to their accessibility needs.

Winner of the Jury’s Favorite Award: Sous les DRAPS project by Créative Handicap

Sous les DRAPS (Rights, Encounters, Autonomy, Prevention, Sexuality) is an educational platform for intimate and sexual life with educational tools. It is made by and for disabled people using digital creation technologies such as 3D modeling, 3D printing, 3D animation or Serious Games. Its goal is to make emotional and sexual life information programs accessible to everyone.

The Telecommunication Innovation Awards presentation ceremony was held on November 21, 2022 at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health with the participation of the following:

  • Geneviève Darrieussecq, Disability Representative of the Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disability;
  • Jérémie Boroy, President of the National Advisory Council for the Disabled (CNCPH);
  • Liza Bellulo, President of the French Telecommunications Federation;
  • Benoit Tabaka, General Secretary of Google in France;
  • Olivier Oger, Vice President of Institutional Relations, CSR and Human Resources, Samsung Electronics France.

Liza Bellulo, President of the French Telecommunications Federation: “ We are delighted to organize this new edition of the Telecommunications Innovation Awards around one of the topics dearest to our Federation: accessibility and inclusion. All of the proposed projects, especially those of our three winners, have real potential to impact society as a whole, in areas as diverse as access to rights, sexuality and affective education, or even the facilitation of communication between people with disabilities. . »

Olivier Oger, Vice President Institutional Relations, Samsung France: “ Digital accessibility should be universal and we will work hand in hand to design concrete solutions that meet the everyday needs of people with disabilities. All the applications we received allowed us to deal with the subject of accessibility in different aspects, all of which are important. And you know the challenges are huge. We were very impressed by the quality of all the projects, especially the quality of Sous les DRAPS, which promotes freedom of speech on a topic that is still rarely discussed in French society. »

Benoit Tabaka, General Secretary of Google in France: “ The theme of the Telecom Innovations award particularly resonated with Google’s mission to make information useful and accessible to everyone. We are delighted that this award has provided an opportunity to recognize and reward innovative projects in the service of inclusion. We heartily congratulate the three winners and will be watching their projects with interest. »

Jérémie Boroy, President of the National Consultative Council for the Disabled (CNCPH): “We are honored to sponsor the 2022 Telecom Innovation Award and identify impactful projects alongside the French Telecommunications Federation, Google and Samsung, with a particular focus on creating an irreversible movement of accessibility and universal design in France. autonomy is obvious. »

Geneviève Darrieussecq, Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disability, Responsible for Disability: “All presence registers should be accessible to people with disabilities: not only to work and take care of themselves, but also to have fun or communicate with friends. As the presented projects prove, startups and associations can be a source of innovation and improvement in our daily life. The Fédération Française des Télécoms and its partners provide valuable support in digital innovation on these topics. »

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