The electric car: the charging conundrum… without the terminals

Undoubtedly, charging networks for electric vehicles are becoming more and more developed. However, connecting is sometimes not easy. On the one hand, because there are still many white areas. Also, and above all, because the number of terminals is growing at a slower rate than the registration of electric and rechargeable hybrid models. So we end up with quickly saturated facilities in the densest urban areas.

To overcome this difficulty, the start-up E-Gap offers special charging solutions for places where it is impossible to charge. The principle is simple: it involves the use of mobile batteries that can be charged at logistics bases and then return their energy to the vehicles. Daniele Camponeschi, co-founder of Italian E-Gap, tells us: “Our services are based on the technology of our batteries, which is specific… and we don’t disclose its details.” At most, we’ll know they’re lithium batteries like the ones in most cars.

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