Smartphone: how to set music as ringtone?

The technology associated with smartphones is becoming less and less difficult to use. The first smartphones in the test phase allowed to improve the operating systems to make it easier to use.

If older smartphones were complicated in terms of selecting music as a ringtone, working with new smartphones is more intuitive. Some brands, such as Apple or Samsung, rely heavily on voice control to perform a task while you are engaged in another activity, such as driving. In this article, we show you How to use your favorite music as a ringtone. For this, we first chose the technology of Android phones, and then the technology of Apple phones.

What is an Android phone?

The Android system was launched in 2003 and later acquired by Google in 2005. Therefore, Android is a technology system owned by Google. Keep in mind that there is a system to keep it simple and avoid a lot of technical terms Android is a technology it allows you to personalize your phone or smartphone. It is easier to control a phone using the Android operating system than an iOS phone (Apple technology).

What is an iOS phone?

iOS, iPhone (phone), iPad (tablet), TvOS (connected TVs), WatchOs (connected watches), MacOs (desktop or laptop), launched in 2007 during the first generation of iPhone (Apple’s phone brand) is an operating program. The difference between this technology and Android is in the customization of home screens. Indeed, iOS is less customizable. The app icons are already there. If you need to install an app that runs on Android, there may be limitations in the prospect of Apple’s iOS technology being kept secret by the parent company. This makes it difficult to use at times.

How to set music as ringtone on Android?

Technologies are less capricious than in previous years. If you realize today a music if you like, you can download and select it as audio from YouTube alarm signal. You must download this music legally, and for some premium users of streaming platforms, you have a download icon that allows you to download the music if you like it as a ringtone.

Once done, go to settings and enter:

  • sounds and vibration
  • ringtone and you will only see a + sign at the top right.
  • If you click on the +, you will be taken to the list of songs you have downloaded.

How to Set Music as Ringtone on iPhone iOS

Apple uses its tools intuitively. iPhones and iPads are easier to use today than they were when they were created in 2007. If you have the latest releases, especially from iPhone 6 to 14 pro max, the manipulation to change the ringtone as you like is simple. Go to settings

  • Sounds and vibrations
  • If you click on “Sounds and Vibration”, you will be taken to a list of all Apple ringtones. A little above you will see a “ringtone” icon. Clicking on that will take you to the iTunes store page.

What is iTunes?

iTunes store is a streaming platform iPhone that allows you to listen to free or paid music. When you enter the name of the artist and the title of the song, you have the option to select it as a ringtone if it is free to download. After you finish downloading the end of the song that will serve as your ringtone, you confirm your choice, and from then on all incoming calls will beep around this song.

How to record music?

If you’re using an iOS version, you’ll see “Dictaphone“. If you’re an Android, this “voice recorder“. When you find it, you tap the music player on your computer or TV to play the song. Then you press the big red button that will start recording. Once you’re done, you can select it as your ringtone using the same technique mentioned above for Android and iOS.

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