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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. the arrival of new partners heralds new ways for gamers to enjoy game streaming with extended access to Cloud Gaming on 2021 Samsung TV models.[1]as well as the availability of games in 4K.

Antstream and Blacknut join Samsung’s streaming gaming offering in 2023

Antstream Arcade is the world’s leading cloud gaming service. It gives players access to over 1,500 iconic games, plus new multiplayer challenges and tournaments every week. Owners of compatible Samsung TVs will soon be able to compete with their friends and the global community in the best games of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Pac man up to deadly battle and Metal Slug.

Antstream Arcade is confident that bringing together the games of yesterday and tomorrow will lead the industry into a new era of video games. Antstream Arcade CEO Steve Cottam said. ” What proves this better than belief Retro arcade games played on Samsung’s most advanced Smart TVs? Game streaming gives players more options to enjoy their favorite games or classics that they can rediscover ».

Blacknut’s Cloud Gaming subscription service with a growing catalog of over 500 premium PC and console games[2] It offers the largest unlimited access to gaming content on TV. Blacknut provides a click-and-play experience that allows up to five players to play simultaneously on a compatible smartphone, PC or Smart TV. Blacknut’s catalog is designed for regular or casual members of the same household and offers a wide range of titles from AAA games.[3] Transform the classics into the most popular indie games through narrative adventure games and strategy games, not forgetting the richest collection of racing and sports games. Blacknut members can access blockbuster licenses Metro Exodus and Overcookedas well as an extensive collection of Disney games.

Blacknut helps Samsung become the number one streaming destination games then offers the largest catalog of Cloud Gaming through the same subscription said Nabil Laredj, Vice President of Business Development and Licensing at Blacknut. ” We designed Blacknut as a family gaming platform where five player profiles can play simultaneously. Bringing our services to Samsung TVs allows more gamers to experience the future of gaming. »

Game streaming services from Antstream and Blacknut will be offered to owners of 2021, 2022 and 2023 Samsung TVs from 2023.

Millions of Samsung 2021 Smart TV owners will benefit from Cloud Gaming

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs in 2023 in the range of 2021[4] in turn will be able to access Cloud Gaming. Samsung will make some apps available from its partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and Utomik, with Blacknut and Antstream added in 2023. By extending the gaming streaming experience to a larger number of Smart TVs, Samsung will allow owners of these apps. models can benefit from instant access to the same games offered on the Samsung Gaming Hub[5] Smart TVs and monitors 2022.

When Samsung’s Game Center launched on 2022 TV models earlier this year, the first question we were asked was, “When is Game Streaming coming to 2021 TVs?” “. Today we are happy to announce to our great fans that they will be able to play their favorite games until the end of this year. said Mike Lucero, Director of Gaming Products, North America Business Services Group, Samsung Electronics. ” With any Bluetooth gamepad and internet connection, millions of players will be able to access a vast library of games, from the best AAA games to the hottest retro and indie titles, directly on Smart TVs 2021 through partner apps. So Samsung TVs will be like this. benchmark for streaming games “.

Once available, various game apps can be downloaded from their TV’s app store.

4K gaming is possible on Samsung Smart TVs via NVIDIA GeForce NOW

Launching in a few weeks, this offer will allow GeForce NOW gamers to enjoy downloading, installing, patching or updating PC games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second on Samsung’s 2021 and 2022 Smart TVs. Premium subscription[6] GeForce NOW is required for an enhanced experience including 4K resolution, higher refresh rate, RTX ON, priority access to NVIDIA game servers, and longer eight-hour sessions.[7].

[1] All 2021 models are affected.

[2] More information at

[3] A title with AAA (Triple A) is considered a high quality game.

[4] To learn more about Samsung’s latest gaming TVs, visit

[5] For more information about Samsung Gaming Hub, visit


[7] GeForceNow premium subscription terms may vary by country.

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