How to reset iPhone without iTunes?

You have forgotten your iPhone password and can no longer access it. Resetting it may solve this problem. There are several ways to factory reset an iPhone with a forgotten password. And the most popular one is using iTunes.


However, there are other faster, more practical and effective options for users who want to bypass this Apple program. This is your job. Then you can review them. In this article, you will find the mentioned solutions to reset your device without going through iTunes.

What to do after forgetting iPhone lock screen password without iTunes?

After you forget your device password, you need to get a computer if you don’t already have one. If you want to reset your iPhone without password and without iTunes, this is the first thing you should do.

Since the phone is inaccessible, you will not be able to start the reset procedure from its operating system. You will need to use another device to restore it to factory settings. And in this case it is the most suitable computer.

The good news is that solutions to unlock iPhone without passcode are compatible with Windows and macOS. Therefore, it does not matter if your computer runs one or the other of these systems. The most important thing is to have a PC or Mac to perform one of the methods described below.

An unexpected interruption of the reset process can damage the iPhone, preferably prefer a computer with a fairly good autonomy. So, in case of an unexpected power outage, your smartphone will not be afraid of anything. If necessary, you will complete the procedure with complete ease.

How to factory reset iPhone without password and iTunes?

As we mentioned earlier, there are different ways to restore iPhone without iTunes. But instead of introducing you to all these methods, we will tell you about two of them. First, we will discuss the fastest and most convenient way to unlock your device without using iTunes. Next, we will tell you how to reset iPhone with iCloud.

The fastest and most convenient solution to restore iPhone to factory settings without password and iTunes

The fastest and most convenient solution to restore iPhone to factory settings is Tenorshare 4uKey. This application allows you to remove the lock screen from the device effectively and in a few clicks. It not only removes the forgotten passcode, but also the iPhone’s Touch ID and Face ID.

4uKey also includes a feature that allows you to bypass device management (MDM). And thanks to the latter, it is able to remove the smartphone’s MDM profile without any problems.

With this software from Tenorshare, you can also remove screen time password instantly. Or restore the phone without iTunes or iCloud. Especially since it is compatible with the latest iOS. So how do you go about resetting iPhone with 4uKey?

Step 1: Download and install Tenorshare 4uKey on their computers

Before you can reset your device with 4uKey, you must first install it on your computer. And to do that you need to download it first. There are two versions of the program. We have a version compatible with Windows on the one hand and for Mac on the other.

Follow these steps to install Tenorshare 4uKey on a Windows PC:

  • Open your favorite web browser and then go to Tenorshare 4uKey free download page.
  • Once opened, click on ” Free trial for Windows…” to start downloading the app. You can find it at the bottom left of the screen.

To install 4uKey on your Mac, select ” after the page is displayed instead. Available for macOS 13…”. You can find it right below” Free trial for Windows…”.


As soon as you are ready, press the button ” Free trial for macOS 13 and lower “.


After downloading the app setup, you need to install it now. The good news is that installation is very simple. All you have to do to complete it is to double click on the file and then follow the instructions. Only after this step is completed, you can start the iPhone reset process.

Step 2: Reset iPhone with Tenorshare 4uKey

To reset iPhone with 4uKey, you need to follow the steps below.

  • First, you need to run the program on your computer.
  • Then connect your iPhone to it. Preferably use a USB cable.
  • Once the link is established, click on ” Get started“.
  • On the new page that appears, select ” Check it outto select the destination folder of the iOS to download. You may not know it, but to reset your device, 4uKey must first download the latest version of iOS. After the path is set to ” To download at the bottom of the pop-up window, then wait.
  • ” button at the end of the download Get started» available again. Click to restore default settings of iPhone connected to computer.
  • Note that this process will delete all your data at once. However, if you have backed them up before, you can easily restore them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recover them.

By following the various steps mentioned above, you will be able to reset iPhone without iTunes quickly and effectively.

Unlock iPhone with iCloud when you forget your password

It is possible to unlock iPhone without password using iCloud. However, this procedure only ” find my iphone is active on your device. This is a prerequisite for using this method. So you won’t be able to restore your phone from iCloud until the latter is charged.

Steps to reset iPhone without password using iCloud:

  • Open a secure web browser on your computer (PC or Mac).
  • Go to the official iCloud website by entering the link in the address bar of your computer.
  • Then sign in to your iCloud account. To do this” To login“.
  • Next, enter your Apple ID and then your password.
  • After successful verification, click on ” All Devices“. The devices on which your Apple account is activated should now appear.
  • Select the iPhone whose password you forgot and want to reset with iCloud from the list.
  • Then press the button ” Erase your iPhoneto reset the device to factory settings. Note that the operation leads to the complete deletion of user data. However, if you have previously backed them up, you can restore them.

After the operation is complete, your device is updated. You can then reconfigure it and set a new password.

The advantage of iCloud is that it allows you to perform the operation remotely. This option is actually very practical if the phone is stolen or lost. But remember that for it to work ” find my iphone must be enabled on the device in question.

The result

We have seen how to reset iPhone without iTunes in two different ways. You are free to choose the method that suits you best. However, if you choose to use 4uKey, you will have access to additional features.

Apart from the forgotten iPhone password problem, it helps to solve, unlock and activate smartphones easily. And this is regardless of the locking system used (4 or 6-digit code, Touch ID, Face ID, etc.).

It also offers other features that you will discover while using it that help protect user data. This is, for example, the function of removing the screen time code. Thanks to this valuable tool, access to your device will always be ensured in all situations.

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