Gilles Simeoni pleads for a shared official Corsican language and for the development of a language policy

The first day of the Corsican Assembly, Thursday, November 24, was mainly dedicated to the Corsican language. Four reports on the topic were presented.

The new working method was presented to the territorial councils this Thursday, November 24, the first day of the session of the Corsican Assembly. orientation report on language policy.

Gilles during the presentation of the document SimeoniThe president of the executive council of Corsica explained this method in detail. LThat text will be discussed and followed up for the first time this Thursday. three to four months of work ” for “ to nourish it, to enrich it, to improve it “. It will then be presented a second time in its new version and continue the usual debate path.

The choice of the new method is not small. There is a symbolic reason, because the language belongs to all Corsicans, a political reason, because it is possible to find a very broad consensus around the Corsican language, an operational reason, because many there is summer do There is an absolute need to strengthen state policy in favor of politics but language by associations Gilles explains Simeoni.

According to him, the ambition and purpose of this orientation report is to pass from language policy to language policy. With him, the Corsican community takes up this subject and makes it a central object of public policy. The idea is to ensure that each new speaker becomes a transmitter as quickly as possible. »

Erosion time passes faster than transfer time.

Gilles Simeoni, President of the Executive Council of Corsica

The ultimate goal of these policies is to achieve co-official Corsican language. The aim is to make the Corsican language one of the languages ​​used by the inhabitants of this country. Three points to do this: Strengthening the Corsican language in the education system, making the Corsican language a natural language in the social space, giving economic benefits to the Corsican language again. “He believes that there are indispensable areas for the chairman of the Board of Directors “Corsican language experts alone will not be able to save it. Because the erosion time is faster than the transmission time. »

The presentation was very well received by the members of the territorial councils. Some, like Core in Fronte’s Paul Guastana, lament the lack of presence of the Corsican language in the islanders’ daily lives and want to go further. ” You need to learn from kindergarten. There is no need for an academician or docent in kindergarten, it is enough to put the old one. “, he believes.

Jean-Martin Mondoloni, co-chairman of the right-wing “Un Soffiu Novu” group, notes that “ each mandate had a high mass in Corsican “. Based on a study, he explains that the Corsican language “ its disappearance is not directly affected, but it is in the process of becoming archaic. He claims that ” joint office is to continue the effort of public policy. If these young people learning the Corsican language don’t have the opportunity to reinvest what they’ve learned in their personal lives, in society, there’s a missing piece… yes, shared governance is needed. “However, it becomes a problem” when some consider it an attribute of sovereignty. »

When the identity and culture of the host country is strong, newcomers identify with that language and project.

Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis, President of the Corsican Assembly.

Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis, President of the Corsican Assembly, for her part, ” is a very important point regarding the relationship between language and integration “. The French Office of Immigration and Integration has demonstrated that when the host country’s identity and culture are strong, newcomers identify with the language and project when there is a cultural project. “, he emphasizes.

Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis returns to a parliamentary session to support her views on the importance of the Corsican language.Collected say a Ghiuventu he conducted the debates entirely in Corsican during a motion on the concept of the Corsican people. It was a powerful, magnificent moment “, he comments. Finally, he suggests a meeting of the Conference of Presidents to reflect on which committee should be assigned the necessary work on this subject.

The Corsican Assembly noted this orientation report.

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