Did you know? Whatever your car, it will cost you to drive in Toulouse without this sticker

While all cars in Toulouse should already have a Crit’Air sticker, many still don’t have them on their windshields. (©Thibaut Calatayud / News Toulouse)

No, you are not exempt from the Crit’Air sticker if your car is new, runs on biofuel or even runs on electricity…

Contrary to this shortcut, which has spread rapidly on social networks and among many motorists, despite the postponement of the entry into force of automated driving until 2024, the precious sesame is already mandatory regardless of the age and engine of the car, to enter and cycle Toulouse, where Mobility Low Emission Zone (ZFE-m) – aims improve air quality Pink City – officially in force. Even from 1er March 2022! We take part.

The sticker is now mandatory for all drivers

“Regarding the control of vignettes”, from the prefecture of Haute-Garonne Toulouse news“This should be remembered these are mandatory in EPZs”. State services also note: “They are also mandatory during the implementation of differentiated transport in the event of a pollution episode it is decided by the prefects”.

“The Prefectural Decree of October 26, 2017 on the organization of an emergency system in the event of an episode of ambient air pollution in the Haute-Garonne department provides for a number of emergency measures. If the alert and sustainability levels are exceeded. If an episode of air pollution occurs within a few days, the department the prefect may decide to restrict the circulation of vehicles according to their pollutant emissions after consulting a committee of experts in each case (Crit’Air vignettes)).

Prefecture of Haute-Garonne

For five years, drivers have not had to worry about this problem because, as the prefecture reminds us, “until today This measure was not carried out in the administration”however, this could inundate thousands of motorists in the future who do not have Crit’Air stickers. lawlessness.

Will a Crit'Air vignette be needed due to the contamination episode????  It will be put into circulation in Lille (Nord) and several municipalities of the metropolis.
All vehicles, including low polluters, must display the Crit’Air sticker to enter the perimeter of the ZFE in Toulouse… (© Julie Kiavué/Lille News)

Camera inspections “from the second half of 2024”

The ZFE, introduced in Toulouse from March 2022 to reduce air pollution, has so far been invisible and absolutely without pain for road users, but will soon be equipped with automated checks. The government intends to establish a system of “control-penalties” through radars equipped with cameras. automatic number reading, they are placed outside and inside the respective perimeter.

First there is an event planned for 2023 finally postponed for a year, As announced by the government on Tuesday, October 25. “It will be more effective Second half of 2024″, clarified Christophe BechuMinister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Unity following the first ministerial committee on ZFE, which brought together representatives of the territories and the government.

By 2025, all agglomerations with more than 150,000 inhabitants must establish these zones, which aim to gradually ban the most polluting vehicles. As for Toulouse, “deployment of technical devices” is on the cards, reminds the prefecture, referring to the Ministry of Environment. “The state is already working on this together with local authorities to achieve this by 2024.”

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In short: From mid-2024, you’d better be in good shape when driving inside the ZFE, as these checks will be carried out by automated plate reading. And until then? If the risk of sanction is reduced for the moment, it is not equal to zero, as the disciplinary forces know very well. oral you Now.

The police may control the vignettes… but are they already lined up?

In October of last year, Metropolis’ vice president responsible for ecology Francois Chollet also pointed out Toulouse news More than the pink city “about sixty still cameras It will be deployed by the state to monitor vehicles within the perimeter of the ZFE. But even before they come into force automated inspections through camerashe assured:

“The sticker of the vehicle has already been checked by the national police or the municipal police (…) You must present your documents when you are arrested and [les forces de l’ordre, ndlr] control now Crit’air sticker”. How many crimes Was it noted by the national and municipal police within the perimeter of the ZFE in Toulouse? almond have they already been raised and how many? During the survey, the municipality and the prefecture are in contact on this matter.

Which roads and vehicles are affected by the EPZ?

In France’s fourth largest city, the perimeter of the ZFE covers all of Toulouse, inside the ring road, plus a small part of Colomiers and Tournefeuille, i.e. a perimeter of 72 km². It should be remembered that its implementation is progressive.
– From March 1, 2022, Crit’air 5 and unclassified minibuses, vans and heavy trucks can no longer be in circulation.
– From September 1, 2022: the same utility vehicles and Crit’air 4 certified heavy trucks can no longer be in circulation.
– From January 1, 2023: All motor vehicles (including private cars) certified and not classified Crit’air 4, 5 will no longer be in circulation.
– From January 1, 2024: All motorized vehicles up to Crit’air 3 will no longer be in circulation.
From 2024, only vehicles with Crit’air 2.1 certification and electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles will be allowed to circulate within the zone.
According to estimates by Toulouse Métropole, 47,000 cars could therefore be banned from driving from January 1, 2024. But we repeat: whatever the classification of your car, the sticker is now mandatory for driving in Toulouse!

A fine between 68 and 135 euros

Any motorist and other HGV driver, regardless of vehicle, is now likely to be passed off as a driver unless he has a Crit’Air sticker affixed to his windshield. criminal. In case of non-compliance with the ZFE, the user faces a fixed 3rd degree penalty, i.e. 68 euros for light vehicles and light commercial vehicles and 135 euros for heavy weights.

Still too abstract for the general public, ZFE will likely become a very concrete topic for drivers in the coming months, when the fines will actually come down… After prevention, here are the sanctions.

Why are delivery times longer?
For those who do not yet own this popular Crit’Air sticker, the request can be made completely online. To avoid many scams on the internet, one should buy it directly from the official website of the government. €3.67, Postage included for shipping to France.
That is, sometimes you need to be patient in order to get valuable sesame seeds: several users actually testify to this. waited more than a month before buying their stickers in Toulouse, after ordering on the government website. As for why the delays are so long, the prefecture hands the ball back to the ministry when it takes several days to get it: “The system for issuing vignettes is national,” he explains. “Long delays can be explained by this order flow vignettes regarding the entry into force of several ZFEs or new restrictions on existing ZFEs”.

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