Basketball: hardworking Elan Béarnais before going to Villeurbanne

It is also difficult to imagine a promoted Blois (7e), calm at the moment, keep the rhythm going all season…

It is also difficult to imagine a promoted Blois (7e), currently quiet, to continue the whole season at the pace that dazzled in the first two months of the championship.

With three wins in nine outings, Elan find themselves in the middle of the ford, far from being in the red, but in the green, with only one success in the field of two-man teams. victories (Roanne, Fos). , Le Portel, Strasbourg).

“We always follow each other’s classification and upcoming matches,” admits Eric Bartechek. “We can see that two wins or two losses are enough to move up or down three or four levels in our championship. »

Elan bounced back from 17 last Saturday with a lone win against Gravelines (91-80), which ended a litany of five losses.e on the 13the degree. At the end of October, after Portel at the Palace, he regrets the victory of Paris Basket. “Of course, if we took at least one of the two…”, the coach thinks. “But that’s the way it is, maybe we’ll look elsewhere where no one imagines we’ll win. »

That’s fine, many people don’t imagine the green and white showing a bravery on Sunday in Astroballe. Betting on a Béarnaise win this Thursday evening at the popular online betting site could pay off big: odds of 5.50 against 1.50 for ASVEL to succeed.

Refreshment is Béarnaise

“We want to make sure first that we’re able to play, defensively, help each other and offensively, that we can make the game together, not a little bit of a blur or a lot of messy basketball. It sometimes happens to us because of the lack of precision,” says Eric Bartechecki.

Instead of worrying about analyzing the XXXL team of the former three-time French champion, the technician prefers to “first of all pay attention to us, our state of mind, our defensive rules. We’ve been doing pretty well since we got everyone in training, I hope that continues,” he said. “We feel like we’re making progress. We’re trying to play fairly cleanly in attack, a clear evolution, hopefully that will allow us to take over their defense if not .”

The new asset Béarnais hopes to capitalize on since last Saturday’s league defeat at Dijon (95-90) ASVEL collapsed on the European carpet at home to Bayern Munich (74-75) in the Euroleague on Tuesday evening before resuming. this Thursday… in Athens, waiting for Pan, who was shot here. Returning to the Rhône on Saturday, Villeurbannais will only benefit from the vital minimum of time, one, to recover physically and mentally from this series of matches, and two, to prepare for the announcement.

Work is health

In addition to the benefit brought by the success against Gravelines, what has reassured the Pau coach is the quality of work shown in training in recent days. “Keith (Cummings) played the 3 (wingback) all week. As a result, with the young “RC” (René-Charles Louis-Thérèse) in the 4th position, we show very interesting sequences in training, high intensity, duels that force everyone to step up. It’s really interesting,” he explains. . Our quality of play is better in this configuration. I think it won’t be too complicated for Keith to go back to 4 (strong winger) on match days. »

“We also want to build for the future and have six matches on the menu, three at home and many away, until the Christmas break,” Bartecheky expands. “We will do everything to be present on Sunday and why we will take the match, but the idea is still to work well all week, play a quality match and continue to have a better week before the reception of Nanterre. »

Meanwhile, this tenth programming will redistribute some cards in the lower half of the classification, as three oppositions are classified directly among the 10 pit teams.e and 18e Rating: Paris (12e) – Le Portel (17e); Phos (16e) – Roanne (15e), Nanterre (10e) – Strasbourg (18e).

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