Amazon wins by KO, 5 offers for this Wednesday 💥

Black Friday has flooded Amazon, Fnac and Boulanger over the past few days. French customers have access to thousands of offers across all categories. But how do you find the nuggets among them? We’ve put together a selection of what not to miss this Tuesday.

Since this Black Friday started last Friday, Amazon and Cdiscount have already had a lot of outages. Some bestsellers are already regretting and will not return to lower prices until the end of the international event. This operation generates the best prices of the whole year and the French public is informed. Therefore, 70% of the French are mobilized for it.

Who’s participating in this edition of Black Friday?

Black Friday brings together a large number of participants, including Amazon. It is difficult not to think of the merchant first, because it was he who contributed to the arrival of the event from the United States to France. Number 1 in e-commerce for several years, this operation contributes a large part of its success in the country.

If Black Friday is on Amazon, you can take advantage of it elsewhere. Among the American competitors we find its French competitors such as Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger. Everyone is able to quit the game for this edition.

Check out the deals on Amazon

Faced with merchants like Amazon, Black Friday also brings together the brands themselves. This year they will participate in the current edition. Among the most active, we find Samsung, which does not do things by halves. On this occasion, it significantly reduces the prices of several popular references, such as smartphones, TVs or household appliances.

Black Friday is also happening this Wednesday at British Dyson. The home appliance specialist joins top brands for this event. It is hard not to mention its excellent vacuum cleaners, cleaners or hair dryers in the list. Considering the success of your store without any discounts, we recommend doing it as soon as possible.

Where are the nuggets of the day?

The deals are great for Black Friday on Amazon and elsewhere this year. The merchant officially launched the event last week, so he’s in first place. The bars are available on the website this Wednesday and they are available in several product categories. If you’re looking for connected objects, you’ll be delighted with the smart thermostat from French company Netatmo.

This Black Friday, Amazon isn’t stopping there. It even targets the most premium brands, including Apple. While the prices on the official website of the Apple brand always remain the same, the merchant completes the prices of many computers: MacBook Air, Pro, iMac… The best of the range is at a low price. In addition, discounts apply even to the latest models, and some exceed -10%. Among them we find the MacBook Air M1 at -21%.

Black Friday with Amazon is also an opportunity to do crazy deals on Bose references. If the Solo 5 soundbar is no longer in stock, you can go back to the headphones. All at a discounted price at the cyber merchant and especially the Bose QC SE. Officialed in September, this model is identical to the QC45 in every way – except for the accompanying soft case – and costs less than €200.

Another bargain this Black Friday is signed by Amazon is the Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro (or 6S Pro). While other connected watches are also priced low on this occasion, this one remains the best at -50% off the launch price. This model is a best-selling model that will satisfy all sports enthusiasts thanks to its premium features.

Advantages of reinforced concrete via Amazon

This year, Amazon isn’t just slashing prices on Black Friday. It also has advantages that other merchants cannot compete with. The first remains common to all, free and efficient delivery and remains valid during this transaction. With the vast majority of referrals forwarded, shipping takes place within a few days.

Where Amazon sets itself apart from the competition is its best price guarantee during Black Friday. For the first time this year, it has committed to compensating the public if it finds a better deal elsewhere. If you place your order and find something better elsewhere, inform the seller to start the process. You will receive the amount in no time and avail the most competitive rate. This deal is valid until November 28, which is proof that the heavyweight trusts his discounts.

For Black Friday, Amazon is postponing the withdrawal period to January 31, 2023. Anyone planning to make Christmas presents during the transaction can therefore take advantage of the best prices of the year and wait for the holidays. All without the risk of ending up with management on your hands in case of frustration.

Black Friday on Amazon is here:

Check out the deals on Amazon

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