THE INTERVIEW. Laurent Marcangeli: “The political terrain between Paris and Corsica remains favorable”

the deputy and the president of the group Horizons hour National Assembly, Laurent Marcangeli, returns to important matters as long as it never leaves the island territory. He assures that the indicators are quite green with a government that “doesn’t close the door”.

You were in favor of removing 49.3 if needed in the budget texts. Elisabeth Borne made it her wish by delaying a number of amendments tabled by Corsican deputies. You lost it there. Without regret?

I prefer to look at what is accepted by me. I see the glass as not empty, but half full. Use of 49.3? It seems logical to me that it is difficult to go after a vote in which the entire opposition announced a negative result.

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The Prime Minister assumed his duties and put parliamentarians ahead of their duties. Going back to the beginning of my answer, I am particularly pleased that amendments that have not been approved before in other budget debates have been approved this time. I think I have contributed.

What do you greet when you are taken out?

First of all, it should be noted that the amendments requested by the Corsican MEPs were adopted by a majority, including a majority with the participation of the Horizons group. Still, I guess I’m no stranger to it. Likewise, I strongly insisted that the government pull in the direction of the exceptional device adopted to increase the territorial sustainability endowment (DCT).

In addition, the issue of land and real estate speculation, not only Corso-Corsica, is being discussed in the coming months and years. Many areas, Brittany, the Basque Coast, Normandy in turn face speculative mechanisms. I have spoken to many MPs who say they are very interested in progressing this issue. In this respect, we are entering a completely different phase than what we have known so far. This comforts me in my role in the presidential majority, where I try to explain the interest of a certain number of measures to the head of government and his members.

How do you interpret the government’s gesture in favor of DCT, the desire to renew the discussion or avoid new tensions?

We need to get out of the jam. I’m begging you. It starts with taking into account the requests presented by the Corsican deputies. I note there that the government is ready to discuss with all the elected officials of Corsica. Those who unite the island territory, like those who sit in the Palais Bourbon.

An outstretched hand?

You’d have to be evil not to admit it.

Were there any behind-the-scenes negotiations that you would consult with, a sort of give and take?

Obviously, there is a debate going on above. If it wasn’t for them, it wouldn’t be normal.

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I, and I think my colleagues, have been contacted as well. I expressed my opinion in my turn.

Senator Panunzi, as you mentioned, presents a series of amendments, one of which aims to continue the efforts for territorial sustainability in 2023 to 37 million euros. Is he right to raise the bar a notch?

He is serving as a deputy. There are potentially accessible queries that others may not. In any case, I undertake to put myself at the service of Senator Panunzi when the text comes back to the National Assembly. And to take my account, in the Palais Bourbon, a certain number of proposals that he could make to try to convince the government to integrate them into the final text, if voted by the Senate.

Jean-Jacques Panunzi cautions, however, that the rest of the DCT envelope should be reserved for transport infrastructure only. Do you also mention the risk of deviation?

When I was elected to the Corsican Assembly, I noted this in the heart of a group that wanted this sign in the direction of transport in a broad sense. Kim has a lot of roads and things to do, my friends from the interior and the mountains, those who have observed the deterioration of the road network in their departments since the creation of a single collective, will not contradict me. Consultations should be held on railways, seas, airports, which has important repercussions, including at the level of PTIC. (Transformation and investment plan for Corsica, editor’s note). Since we are talking about goods and people, we also have the opportunity to shoot arrows towards administrative and territorial roads.

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I prefer the first, the village is preferred.

While the Social Security budget included an amendment to deal with medical deserts, Horizons wanted to regulate the installation of doctors in big cities. The Prime Minister did not accept this idea. Not so unanimous, presidential majority?

This is part of what happens with any budget, even within the majority party. Regarding the mentioned amendment, the Social Affairs Committee rejected it with a negative opinion of the government and a negative vote of the majority. In the second reading of the social security funding bill, it was about responding to the problem of installing doctors in stressed areas. However, we are not going to pocket our flag, especially as 87% of the area is disturbed, up to the arrondissements of Paris. We will have the opportunity to defend the legislative proposals of our deputies at the next niche session of the parliament in March of the Horizons group. To this end, we can present in a table a text that will be examined in the hemisphere on this pregnant topic.

Will Corsica have to win there?

Of course, the island is also under tension in terms of access to this care. We need to get the College of Physicians to work with the government to set quotas for facilities, or at least allow those not in under-resourced areas to volunteer time on an equalization basis.

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It is quite liberal and provides the beginning of a solution to the real French problem.

Noting that the LR and Liot groups did not vote for the motion of no confidence in the National Assembly, Emmanuel Macron became bolder in wishing for an “alliance” with these groups. A confession of desperation?

No, clearly. From June 19, we know that the President of the Republic does not have an absolute majority in the Assembly. I have said from the beginning with Eduard Philippe and others that we will probably have to look for alliances, compromises, maybe coalitions. Should text be text based on the way we are currently going? Or in the form of a coalition, a basic government pact, with a program that will require mutual concessions? This second option seems difficult to me because of the positions taken by some. LR is in the middle of the congress and generally wants to remain in the quite front opposition. And on Liot’s side, it’s more complicated because the group doesn’t really have a specific political color.

A cancellation that some bet?

Nothing justifies it. If it was done as we say, it would go very badly, especially for the majority.

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