ProovStation: how do these portals that promise to sell your car in minutes work?

New portals appear in Carrefour hypermarket parking lots and promise to sell your car in minutes. We’ve tested these unique systems created by ProovStation that allow you to evaluate a used car and receive an instant buyback offer.

“Sell your car in minutes,” proclaim the slogans displayed by the portals that have begun to appear in supermarket parking lots. A promise that piqued our interest to understand how this new French-made technology, created by Lyon-based company ProovStation, works.

Three stations have already been installed in France, one in Vénissieux, near Lyon, one in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) and another in Montesson (Yvelines), in car parks of Carrefour hypermarkets. Like a car wash, drivers are invited to drive their cars through the high-tech portal. In contrast, here this equipment is able to check all cosmetic defects of the car before presenting a buyback offer sent via SMS.

A small revolution in the second-hand sales sector, because until now getting an aesthetic opinion before reselling a car can be time-consuming, expensive and remains very subjective in the garage. In fact, ProovStation thinks the opposite of this observation to promise free expertise, without obligation and within minutes.

Sensor battery

Specifically, there is no need for an appointment and all you have to do is walk to the gate entrance to contact the operator through the intercom with the window down and your elbow on the door. We then invite you to check certain points, such as the number plate, certain information about the mileage and condition of the vehicle, as well as the telephone number to receive the buyback offer. The driver is then invited to pass through the portal in less than three seconds and can go straight home or go shopping.

During this lightning passage, shocks, deep scratches more than one millimeter, shocks, etc. A battery of cameras will take 300 high-definition photos of the car from all angles to determine it. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the kit visually inspects the body, glass, optics and geometry defects.

In addition, the station includes ground sensors developed by Michelin that will be able to determine tire wear (to the nearest millimeter) and tire alignment using magnetic resonance.

Just 45 minutes later, once back at our home, we received an SMS link to open the document containing the purchase offer, which then explained the procedure to follow. To know the value of your car, it is possible to keep an estimate without follow-up. Experiment. But it is also possible to follow this offer. This is actually a dealer who will place himself on it. The second inspection, which will be organized by appointment, will take place when the vehicle is collected, this time in person, to check whether the documents are in order, as well as the interior of the car (seat, dashboard, GPS screen). .) is appropriate.

30 stations in France soon

As CNEWS asked, ProovStation relies on the transparency of this type of transaction. Gabriel Tissandier, CTO of ProovStation, notes: “These portals required five years of research and development, and our company employs 50 people, and we train artificial intelligence to inspect vehicles.” It intends to spread slowly in France in strategic parks. “It is planned to build 30 stations in the coming months,” he said.

So what about the mechanical part? “Actually, today’s vehicles are reliable and the mechanical part is mastered. Depending on their mileage, we know what types of accidents are expected and how worn the vehicles are. This is what happens when you go to a dealer or a garage,” explains Cédric Bernard, CEO of ProovStation. Apart from inspection gates for individuals, the startup also equips dealers and vehicle inspection companies to save time for professionals.

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