Kevin Durant fell in love with Kevin Huerter

The Kings are so unstoppable on a seven-game winning streak that they find themselves atop the Western Conference podium during that streak. The icon of this up-and-coming team, tailback Kevin Huerter, is really catching fire from the parking lot. Something to impress…Kevin Durant himself.

If De’Aaron Fox’s performances are making headlines and Domantas Sabonis’ versatility is becoming more and more valuable, it’s impossible not to mention Red Velvet in explaining the reasons for the Kings’ king start to the season: averages of 16, 7 points , 3.1 rebounds, 3.3 assists, all 50.5% shooting success, including an exceptional 50% 3-point shooting, are Kevin Huerter’s numbers in Sacramento’s first 16 games.

The former Atlanta native, who came to California in the offseason in exchange for a first-round pick as well as Justin Holiday and Maurice Harkless, now looks like a fish in water on Sacktown’s side and represents one of its primary weapons. the second-best NBA offense. On November 15, the Kings especially blew up the nets, planting 153 points – an NBA record for the season – thanks to the contribution of Huerter, the author of 19 units on 5/7 from the floor. Kevin Durant, who was helpless on his face, did not forget (via ETCs/Management).

“Kevin Huerter is playing like Klay right now [Thompson, ndlr.]Steph [Curry, ndlr.] Given the way he hits out of the handover. If you’re not a basketball fan or don’t really follow the league, you should watch Kevin Huerter shoot. Hits 50%! […] He’s trying seven or eight 3-pointers per game and he’s still 50%. You’re in for a long evening when you see this and see the shots he’s taken…”

If you’re a shooter and one of the best timers puts you in the same sentence as the Splash Brothers, you’re probably doing something dirty. This is Kevin Huerter’s work.

There is Red Velvet from the beginning of the season 59 prize kicks in 118 attempts, absolutely insane numbers That places the 24-year-old guard as the fourth-most prolific shooter in the NBA behind the untouchable Curry, Buddy Hield and Malik Beasley. Shooting 50% from distance is already huge, even more so when you attempt 7.4 per game. It’s quite simple, no NBA player has such a success rate, averaging at least seven field goal attempts. It makes you a man.

The stats are impressive for that reason, but the best part of it all is that Kevin Huerter’s excellent form this season has allowed him to overwhelm Sacramento’s offense while helping this version of the Kings, Mike Brown, to a string of wins. Catch-and-shoot, winning off screens, off-the-ball movement to stand out while Fox and Sabonis engage the defense…hey, doesn’t that remind you a little of the Splash Bros? Due to the external threat it represents and its ability to find gaps in the other side’s defenses, Huerter is crucial to floor space for Sacramento’s offense. And to put the icing on the cake, Red Velvet is also able to put the ball down when an opponent is too quick to block her shot, allowing her to get close to the circle and finish on her own or play a friend. We can never say it enough, but that kind of profile in an offensive system is a blessing for anyone, especially with a blaster like Fox and an inside passer like Domas.

Kevin Huerter is one of the best players on the Kings’ current streak, posting the best stats of his career since the start of the season and in Game 7 Sixers mode. Address, consistency, confidence, clutchity, so many positives that today allow him to be compared to two of the best pitchers of all time. It’s nothing anyway!

Text source: ETCs/Boardroom

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