Is it dangerous to wash your car in winter?

In winter, your car gets dirty very quickly. Is it wise to drive through a car wash? Do you have to wait until it’s cold to wash your car? We tell you everything.

In winter, the road saltthe dirt and humidity forming an aggressive mix that attacks draw and the body. However, many ask the question: is it wise? wash your car during the winter? You need to pass washing station Or is it better to do nothing?

Indeed, he never left the car wash and hardly ever walked a few meters a thin layer of dirt gets mixed with mud and road salt and sticks to the body. So, is it really worth washing your car in winter?

Cleanliness is important

Mixed humidity and salt is aggressive. It encourages rust formation. Admittedly, modern cars it is now better protected by void sealing or more effective basement protection. However, salt remains toxic to metal sheets.

In turn, paint does not particularly like salt. Especially if the latter has deep scratches and/or damage from gravel. Your beautiful, dazzling paint job is in serious jeopardy.

Apart from the purely aesthetic aspect, its functionality sensors and cameras driver assistance systems also affected by dirt. A dirty camera is definitely the result of mediocre or almost zero visibility. At the same time, headlights and tail lights also lose their efficiency. It is important to see and be seen on the road.

So it is important to wash your car, even in winter. The frequency of washing also depends on the frequency of use of your car and the saltiness of the roads. Regular drivers, like owners of old cars, should go through a car wash every 15 days.

Can you wash your car in freezing temperatures?

As a rule, negative temperature don’t cause trouble. The threshold is still around -10 degrees Celsius. But if it remains possible in practice, some precautions should still be taken.

When the – warmer – water from a car wash meets an icy body, thermal shock can occur. The latter can damage, for example, already damaged paint.

Which washing program should you choose?

As in summer, cheap washing programs are usually sufficient in winter. It is important not to forget to wash beforehand. Thoroughly clean the vehicle with a high-pressure cleaner, including the wheel arches and wheels, before washing with a brush. Without pre-washing, dirty dirt it acts like sandpaper on the paint and can damage your car. If possible, choose a special program for cleaning the underbody and undercarriage.

Also check the washer bowl. If you need to refill, consider choosing a windshield washer designed specifically for the winter season. This will better withstand low temperatures and ensure optimal performance!

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Some resorts close in very cold weather!

One last thing to be aware of is that some car washes are closing their doors. when the temperature drops below 3°C! This is an element to consider before deciding to leave. When that happens, all you have to do is wait for the temperature to rise again or wash your car at home!

This is a priority in extreme cases to avoid corrosion can be solved if the roads are regularly salted. To avoid this, do not forget to clean the sills with a jet of water, especially with clean water. To get rid of salt crystals, you should also wash the bottom of the car thoroughly. Some special products are also commercially available to remove salt from sensitive parts such as brake discs.

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