Hunter Biden’s laptop repairman reveals how the FBI threatened him

Having regained the majority in the House of Representatives, elected Republicans have announced that they now have the means to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings and his own involvement in the dubious affairs of Joe Biden’s son. . John Paul McIsaac, the repairman who restored Hunter Biden’s laptop on Monday, said he wanted to help Republicans with their investigation.

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, John MacIsaac said an FBI agent tried to intimidate him from their first meeting with half-word threats.

A Delaware-based laptop repairman told an FBI agent that he would eventually write a book about everything, but would change their names.

“Then Agent Mike turned around and told me that in their experience, nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk about these things. »

In other words, he threatened the FBI agent with death if he decided not to remain silent.

“For two years, I was subjected to repressions from all sides, once what I did was leaked and the whole country became aware of it. I expected it and I expect it to continue.”he added on Fox News while promoting his book.

Republicans, he continued, must catch up “The FBI is responsible for colluding with the mainstream media and social media, which did everything to block a story, a real story with real consequences”and they should be “Joe Biden sheds light on the activities of the Biden family when he was vice president”.

On Monday, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, he said John Mac Isaac told CBS News he didn’t have one “Hunter’s Consent to Access or Share Computer Information with Others”. Analysts say this is the first confirmation that one of Hunter Biden’s lawyers left his laptop at a Delaware repair shop.

John McIsaac said earlier this year New York Post Here’s how Hunter Biden arrived at his studio in Wilmington, Delaware in April 2019.

“I’m glad you’re still open”Hunter Biden told him. “I come from a smoking bar [bar où il est autorisé de fumer], and I was told about your shop, but I had to hurry because you close at seven o’clock. »

“I need to recover data from these devices, but they are all liquid damaged and won’t turn on anymore”– John Mac Isaac said.

Other details

On Monday, CBS cited an independent expert as saying the data from Hunter Biden’s laptop was authentic. It is not clear why CBS decided to cover the subject. the New York Post and other media, e.g Epoch Timeshe has been talking about it for two years.

Joe Biden (L) and Hunter Biden after attending a Mass at Holy Spirit Catholic Church on August 13, 2022 in Johns Island, South Carolina. (Getty Images via Nicholas Kamm/AFP)

Epoch Times contacted the press service of the FBI for a comment.

After Republicans regained their majority in the House of Representatives, the GOP was elected [Grand Old Party, surnom donné au Parti républicain] Hunter said they will examine bank records and details of whistleblower statements that prove Biden’s fraudulent activity was linked to his father.

The 2020 presidential elections are a few weeks away New York Post He released information from the laptop that showed what Republicans and many others called dubious dealings between the Biden family, the Chinese Communist Party or Ukraine’s Burisma gas company. In a 2019 interview, Hunter Biden denied doing anything wrong, but he acknowledged that the deals had created a negative impression on the outside.

Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky), who is expected to chair the House Oversight and Reform Committee, told reporters last week that the committee will not only investigate Hunter Biden, but President Biden as well.

“I want to be clear. This is Joe Biden’s research. The Commission will focus on this point in the next Congress »James Comer told reporters.

“This commission will assess the nature of the relationship between Joe Biden and his family’s foreign partners and whether the president has been compromised by foreign dollars and influence,” James Comer added. He clarified that Republicans were able to obtain suspicious activity reports from some major banks targeting Hunter Biden.

In response, the White House responded last week with a statement accusing House Republicans of partisan attacks on those close to Joe Biden. The administration has accused the GOP of making it up “Long-Debunked Conspiracy Theories”without further information.

“President Biden will not allow these political attacks to distract him from focusing on the priorities of the American people.”Ian Sams, spokesman for the White House counsel’s office, told the media.

A few weeks after the 2020 election, Hunter Biden publicly acknowledged that Delaware prosecutors are investigating his tax affairs, even though he has not been charged with any crime. Since then, few details about this investigation have been released.

While Republicans are doing their own research, it’s unclear how many Americans would consider it a top priority.

In a recent poll, less than 30% of voters said Hunter Biden’s job was a top priority. About 52% of Republicans expressed interest in this survey. For months, other polls have shown President Biden’s approval rating to be extremely low amid high inflation, fears of a recession and rising violent crime across the country.

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