An unauthorized biography of an American artist

Anonymous British street artist Banksy has captured the imagination of millions with his satirical and terrifying depictions of our collective mind. Journalist Laurent Bruselia uncovers the inner workings of Banksy’s mysterious world in The Unauthorized Biography of the American Artist. It follows the artist’s life from his troubled childhood to his struggles to emerge from obscurity today. From drawings hidden in high school yearbooks to his early dabbles in graffiti and later becoming an artist in his own right, Banksy’s rise to stardom is revealed in this fascinating read.

Where can I find Banksy’s works?

Banksy’s works can be found in many places: – France: Montmartre and New York, in the courtyard of the old Hôtel de Ville. – Great Britain: in Brixton, London. – United States of America: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and many other cities.

Banksy’s childhood and adolescence

Born in Bristol, England in 1974, Banksy brings together themes of childhood, adolescence and unhappy family life. For the first 10 years of life, their parents are not in their lives. The son of a plumber and a cleaning lady, he lives in a small flat in a poor area of ​​Bristol. As a teenager, he got into trouble with the police several times because of his graffiti. His father left him when he was 17 and went to live with another woman before he could tell Banksy beforehand. Then he was taken by his mother, who left him to work as a cleaner for several years. Later, he moved to London with a friend, and due to his personality, his friendship with him did not last long.

“Get Out of the Gift Shop” documentary and graffiti artist fame

Exit the Gift Shop, directed by South African artist, filmmaker and photographer Thierry Guetta, is a 2010 investigative documentary film that tells the story behind graffiti artist Banksy’s street art. The film tells about the early days of graffiti and the artist’s life. Banksy’s work took off and thanks to his friends and family, his work was exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs. His most famous works are Pigs in a Blanket, which depicts a man and woman wearing pink pig masks, and depicts social criticism, and Dismaland, a park that depicts gruesome and dark scenes such as Disneyland.

Exit Through the Gift Shop is not a documentary about Banksy, but about a collector who hires Guetta to follow him and make a documentary about his journey and adventures. The documentary then follows the life of Banksy and all the important people who helped him. Guetta said that he is not a Banksy fan, but that he made this documentary for the art world. At the end of the film, Guetta gives Banksy a copy of the documentary, and the two men go out for a drink together at a bar.

From Obscurity to Global Fame: The ‘Boy with the Haircut’ Legend Gains Speed

Banksy hides his origins and avoids publicity, but gradually his works are presented in galleries, museums and art exhibitions. His most famous works are Pigs in a Blanket, which depicts a man and woman wearing pink pig masks, and depicts social criticism, and Dismaland, a park that depicts gruesome and dark scenes such as Disneyland. The legend of Banksy’s anonymity is growing and people are starting to wonder about the origins of these works.

Is it possible that there is an unknown artist behind these works? Could it be the work of a protest artist? The first question is answered when Banksy emerges from the shadows and reveals himself in the documentary. He claims to be an Englishman named Robin Williams (no, really). He then explains that he is a street artist who paints under the pseudonym Banksy. People then begin to wonder if he is a real person, and if so, what he might be hiding.

Banksy’s first project in New York: “Wildlife” and “Dismaland”

Banksy’s first work in New York was “Wild Life” in 2002, a painting of a small child holding a rat in front of a graffiti of a large pig that read “Wild Life”. The painting is currently in storage in Brooklyn, New York. He then opened Dismaland, a dark and disturbing theme park in Weston-super-Mare, England in 2003. The park features scenes of war and oppression that satirize the British public and press. Dismaland was later relocated to Weston-super-Mare, England in late 2015. Dismaland is now part of the “Exhibition Road” weekend arts event.

Will Banksy ever embrace his fame? What does he think of his controversial brand?

Banksy claims he doesn’t want to be famous, but he doesn’t mind the amount of attention he’s getting. He doesn’t seem to care about the controversies surrounding his work and the fact that many of his works are considered controversial. He once said, “If you can make people laugh, it doesn’t matter what you say.” If people laugh at something, they don’t feel threatened by it. »

End of an era for Banksy: What’s next for the anonymous artist?

Banksy is one of the most recognized artists in the world, and as his fame grows, so does the pressure to embrace his fame and the attention that comes with it. According to reports, he said, “It’s good that people like my work, but I don’t want to be famous. I want to be my own master. I don’t want to be the next Damien Hirst.” He once said: “I don’t want people to like my work. I want them to think it’s bad. If they like it, then they are wrong. »

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find it

Banksy’s popularity continues to grow, as does the number of people trying to learn more about him. Blogs and websites are dedicated to discovering the artist, and Banksy merchandise is on the rise. While Banksy’s anonymity is one of his most cherished secrets, it may also be one of his biggest pitfalls.

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